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are you sure its going to be ok? i went to the hospital this morning, i told them about my issues again, and that my doctor is not doing anything.. they did blood work, and a chest xray which all came back normal! i told them that my doctor is making me wait 3 months for an appointment with the specalist, which is unexceptable, the doctor in the ER told me i don't think its serious just acid reflux, but i don't get it with hearburn or acid sour taste in my mouth, i get the regurgatation of food which remains as liquid/fluid in my chest.. what is this? its after i eat a meal, even if i have something small, you can feel a liquid feeling in the chest area, thats why i am feeling which rising into my throat! i always get pain as i am about to go toilet aswell.. i have had a lower GI scope aswell last year, but i am very disapointed with my doctor as it was only a sigmoidscopy not a colonoscopy.. so i only had half of my bowl checked.. and problems continued! from the start i should of had the full colonoscopy but was giving half, i was given the gastroscope.. but this was a year ago.. any ideas on how i can make the doctor give me a colonoscopy and a gastroscope quickly as its needed quick.. i can't wait 3 months its nonsense when its bothering me so much.. i need both scopes, and maybe a different GI doctor in a different hospital.. because when i last saw him he told me we won't give you one for another 2 years, but problems have got worse even with meds which are not helping, so i'm really annoyed.. i am about to write a complaint letter and give it into my surgery tommorow so something can be sorted.

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