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I have had 3 endoscopies, the first two showed gastritis and erosive doudenitis, but the biopsy did not confirm gastritis. the third endoscopy was when I was taking meds so no inflamationBut the burning and bloating now is getting worst, it just seems that my body keeps becoming resistant to the PPIs after a while and the burning comes back.
I am hoping that the 24 hrs ph test can prove that I have too much acid, but my ENT said it's not always acid that you reflux, it might be gas and other liquids which also can cause LPR, so he suggested I had the impedance manometry test done, which doesn't just measure acid, but other particles too, unfotunately here in the UK, this test is very new, and I believe there is only one place in the country which does it.
I have been suffering for almost a year now, and still no closer to answers, as why I am suffering?
Good luck with your ph-metry test, hope it will answer some questions for you.

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