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I've had acid reflux for the past two years. During that time I've come to some conclusions. Stress or anxiety is the worse thing for it. You can take anything you want for acid but if you encounter a period of extreme stress or anxiety it will make you 100 times worse. I've tried everthing at this point, nothing really works (well aloe vera seems to help my sore throat but thats it). Yes, when you have reflux some foods make it worse, some don't. I don't really care about that anymore, I know what to avoid but avoiding those foods doesn't eliminate my reflux, it just lessens it slighhtly. 4 months last summer my reflux was 98% gone. They were days of no stress and I took a bunch of vacations. I have changed my attack on acid reflux, I am now going after my stress. I refuse to get stressed out. I am doing meditation, I am exercising big time. I have ordered a few books to find out other methods to control my stress and anxiety. Let's face it, is there anybody out there who has acid reflux that isn't a type A personality? (or doesn't eat without chewing, I knew a guy who had reflux and wasn't a stressed out person, he just ate his food in one gulp, if he didn't have reflux I would have been surprised).

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