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Hi Legaleagle,

I had the Nissen Fundoplication back in June, it's not the magic cure for our problem, but it certainly helps. (about 50% better). LPR is just the trigger for the sinus issues (PND) which in turn is only the food for the main problem: "Anaerobic Bacteria in the tongue and throat"(Fusobacterium, Veillonella, T.denticola, P. gingivalis, Bacteroides and Peptostreptococcus). The mucus also serves as a retainer of food particles (like a trap) for the bacteria to hydrolize the proteins and degrade it to amino-acids resulting in the release of the VSC's.

With the Nissen I gained an advantage in the battle since the PND have been greatly reduced. But is not to take for granted. Stay away from spicy foods, and anything containing the main 2 VSC's producing amino-acids (cysteine and Methionine ) all dairy including Whey protein (found on unimaginable foods),eggs,onions garlic,peppers.........

I came to realize that is a multi-front battle..........from aerophagic issues (mouth breathing) resulting in dry mouth, sometimes mistaken with xerostomia, low blood oxygen (unbalanced PH) also from the breathing issues. Bacteria reaching sinus (BB when exhaling from the nose), unbalanced mouth bacterial flora, Tonsil stones, coated tongue, hairy tongue, and that's assuming a perfect oral hygiene (no bleeding in gums or cavities or any teeth issues).

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, I'll be more than happy too share my experiences. I'm a veteran on this war.

I guess that test went good for me because I remember them saying I didn't have a problem with emptying. But, I was put on Reglan, which if for rapid emptying? That stuff may help me and I'm happy for them but it made me into a zombie.

Wishing you good luck and some ANSWERS in the next few days. Just thought of a reason I might not have bad breath. I have no teeth, thanks to severe reflux! 35K worth of dental implants in my mouth now. I chew gum though day and night. Mainly because it keeps the juices going and helps keep me from coughing so much.


You know my jaws do look lower???? I figured this was due to losing all my teeth even though I have implants that are supposed to keep you from losing bone. I was 48 at the time I had the extractions and 55 now so just thought I was getting old looking. LOL. I am supposed to have regular scopes and probably need to have another soon. The last few don't show much in my stomach, which is good news but the bad news is that with LPR you are more prone to throat cancer or vocal cord disfunctions. There is no protection from the acid that comes up that high whereas there is some in the esphogus. Believe me, I have checked out several surgeons and if I could get my life back, I'd do it in a minute. Seems they aren't so sure it would help me with the LPR symptoms, which are much worse than my GERD now. I think the PPI's do help get your stomach well but I'm not so sure they do much for LPR. I take them because I'm so afraid of getting cancer and not sure if they would even help. Bad thing now is that when I get off of them, the heartburn is sooo bad and I never even had it in the first place before. I have been interested in the "pleat surgery" as that sounds like it might be possible to help with LPR.


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