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Do yourself a favor get Pravacid OTC, your stomach lining must be messed up, I had this for 2 years heart palpitations, throat swollen like someone tied a tie to tight muscle spasms the whole nine yards, it is silent GERD, but your second brain in your stomach must be busted, causes all kinds of problems... this is the only remedy for you, stop all alcohol and only eat from alkaline foods.

get probiotics & aloe vera juice, drink throughout the day.

take Gerd tablet in morning don't eat for 1 hour after.
the most important thing and the only thing that will help, is buy a bean bag prop it up when you sleep with you body upright you, you have to keep the acid down, sleep like your head is 5 mins to the hour and your legs are 15 mins past will have to do this for 2-3 week minimum.

If you lay down any time within this time the acid backs up and burns the recovering tissue and starts the whole scarring again and you will think what's the point. Do all this for 2-3 months every day. Its your only way out, you will feel reliefe within 1 week but don't let that fool you, the stomach sphincter needs to close fully or your lining with get acid burned on it, this takes 2 months for full healing.

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