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When I was in the hospital for my bulimia back in Nov...they forced me to eat foods that bother my acid reflux and indigestion. And if I tried to refuse...they said I was "restricting" and said I wouldn't be released until I did eat "normal". The entire time I was IP...I had severe indigestion...which they wouldn't treat. (besides giving me Pepcid after taking me off the Nexium...neither worked. I take Pepto at home and it works pretty good usually.) and I was puking up into my mouth constantly and having to swallow it. (SO GROSS!) After I finally was released...I continued to have severe stomach issues even after I went back to my normal diet (nothing at all spicy or acidic.) it lasted a good 4-5 months until it started to get better. I couldn't eat hardly anything...I had constant stomach pain and felt nauseous after a few bites. I don't understand why a hospital would force someone to eat things that make them sick? It's not like I'm THAT picky...I just can't eat spicy onions or peppers...or acidic things like juice or apples or pasta sauce...what is the point in it?

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