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Jul 27, 2008
I have what my doctor says is GERD. I don't have severe heartburn, but I do feel it between my shoulder blades, which is a gnawing pain when I eat. I also feel like the food goes down slow, and sometimes it feels like it's stuck and I'm going to choke!! I have severe anxiety, so I take about 1/2 a tab of anti-anxiety meds a day. (Ativan) And I take a 1/2 propanolol a day for heart palpitations. Since I have been married to my husband of 8 years, I have probably had 12 or ok. 20 different diseases. Of course, none diagnosed. All in my head. I was diagnosed in 1997 with Mitral Valve Prolapse with mild regurgitation, which is not serious at all. But last year they said the regurgition went to severe on the echo, so I went and had at TEE done, Transesphageal Echocardiogram, convinced I was going to need a new valve, I was petrified. But during the procedure, they sedate you, the cardio doc said, wow, it doesn't show hardly ANY regurgiation at all!! So I was excited and started to "live" again. I have 5 kids now, 1 before I married, and he had 2, and we had 2 more. So my point is now I have this so called acid reflux and last year all summer I had IBS. I feel llike it's all related to stress. I also have been told I have a hiatal hernia. I can actually feel it pop out a little while I am laying flat on my back. I also have noticed my stomach feels weird after taking the omeprazole. It is a little scary, because I only weigh around 107 and I have lost weight because I was afraid to eat. Then of course I have been walking about an hour a day, to reduce stress and I thnik the weight loss is serious whem deep down I know it's from the exercise. Does the omeprazole make your tummy feel weird. Almost more gassy? Also, it feels like the stomach is sore, almost like I can't stretch out or I might rip something. The hiatal hernia feels a bit tender too, but they say they don't do much for those unless it's really bad. I have been seen by the doc, so he touched my stomach and neck, and said it's GERD and sent me packin'. He asks me every time I come in, "Are you still in counseling". (I went for stress). Since last year though, I found out my husband was texting someone, and he put her name in as another colleague. He explained it wasn't what I thought, but to make a long story short, I wonder if that has all caused me to be so anxious it's got my stomach all tied up in knots. Oh, I drink two lattes a day. But decaf. How bad is that ?? ANY ADVICE or COMMENTS is so greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post!

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