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I've been having nausea daily (no vomiting) and can't seem to understand if this is part of IBS and/or GERD. I have mild reflux (only when I lie down) and a spastic colon (IBS).

Endoscopy showed gastric fundic polyps which are benign, Colonoscopy was totally perfect, Ultrasound showed gallbladder polyps which I have had a long time. I do get aches in the rib area--but was told this is costo chondritis.

I'm miserable and confused. Is nausea a real symptom of IBS or GERD?

I have had this problem once before and after a long time it resolved, only to come back again and really bring me down. It feels like morning sickness when I had my children many years ago.

I currently take Prevacid at night. Been on PPI's for years. Can these meds lose effectiveness?

Not sure what meds to take for nausea (queasiness) or what home remedies to do. Of course I would like to find the cause--but so far the GI tests have been OK, unless my doctor is missing something.

Thanks for listening!
I have taken Emetrol for nausea. It's even safe for pregnant women, which your not, but it is just not that complicated of a syrup. It is lemon flavored, and I believe it's all natural. Soda crackers work for me as well. I heard gingerale helps but I have never tried it. My symptoms are gas, nausea cramping. And the whole swallowing thing. It feels like the food gets stuck when going down. Good luck, hope this helps.
TKC, :)

I have lived with daily nausea for about a year and a half. I don't know what's causing it. I am on a bunch of meds and tend to belive the nausea is med-related. My doctors don't seem to care, as I have more pressing issues to deal with.

At first, and for almost a whole year, I had nausea 24/7. You can imagine how horrible that time was for me. I had many side effects from my meds as well during that time. I was constantly sick, and only barely able to function. After the Nexium was added last summer, my nausea improved. I now get it every morning from the moment I get out of bed at 5:00 a.m., until about nine or ten o'clock. Only rarely it lasts all day. I still don't know why I am like that. It seems to me that simply changing position from supine to upright brings the nausea on. One morning, when the nausea was especially bad, and I was about to vomit- right after getting up- (on my day off), I got back into the bed. The nausea went away. It came back as soon as I got up again.
I am nauseous right now. I have tried home remedies - ginger tea, eating crackers and drinking a carbonated drink - to no avail. Those are only TEMPORARY measures. Ideally, the underlying cause should be treated. This can only be done [U]IF[/U] you can find a doctor who is willing to go the extra mile and attempt to find its cause.

I hope you feel better soon!! :) :) If you ever find out what's causing your nausea, please let us know!

Well, I don't have an exact answer for the nausea yet, however, my GI decided to send me for a Biliary Scan with CKK to check my gallbladder for disfunction. I do feel a fullness on the right side and some rib aches. My ultrasound came back with either small polyps or small stones--they are not sure and I have some physiological distention.

Will know next week and I'll post again.
I was having the same problem with nausea and acid reflux. The discomfort caused by the acid-reflux was nothing compared to the nausea. It would strike several times a day and get my full attention. I described the symptoms to my GP and he, of course, prescribed an ant-acid. It seemed to abate the reflux but did nothing for the nausea. On a follow up appointment I spoke to another physician in the office and she ordered a test for H-pylori. The test was positive and she gave me a prescription for a strong round of antibiotics. Took care of the nausea and I discontinued using the ant-acid (pervicid??) and have been without symptoms for 18 months. Good Luck
Oh yeah I get this too. In fact sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and toss out my dinner. I suspected at the time it was from my GERD but now I suspect it could be from my possible colitis....maybe both.
Yep, been there. I had it mostly in the morning for quite a while. At first, I thought it was because I was taking a multi vitamin but not eating enough. Eating breakfast helped, but it came back. The doc put me on PPIs, which I took at night, and that helped for a while, but then it came back. The doc changed me to twice a day PPI, but that didn't help. So, I went on my own. For the last several months, I've been taking a course of colloidal silver weekly, and so far, I've not had the nausea noticably and it hasn't come back *knock on wood*.
Hi there,

I was just wondering how you are now? I am experiencing the exact same problems and have recently been scanned for gallbladder polyps which I also have and I am now on a waiting list to have my gallbladder removed. (which is the last thing I want to do, but there seems to be no choice)

Wouldn't it be great if there was something we could do naturally (i do not believe in drugs) to cure this problem!

Best wishes and God Bless!
I get really bad nausea when my GERD flares. There's nothing I can do about it, either--I'm on the highest dose of protonix, so when it flares, I just have to sit it out.

Mornings are AWFUL during those times. No matter what I eat--if it's just cereal with milk or something--I'm still nauseated. Nothing helps, even eating bread (which used to help; I think my GERD's gotten worse).

Sometimes it's just a really uncomfortable burning, but sometimes I feel more like I have a stomach bug, the nausea's so persistent. Luckily, if I refrain from eating ANYTHING that could set the GERD off in the least (meaning almost everything--I don't know if it's just me, or if there really are a lot of triggers for the reflux) it'll fade.

It always comes back, though. Especially if I take antibiotics.
Hi all,

Well, I did take the test for my gallbladder function and I flunked it. Normal ejection for bile is from 30% and up--mine was 9%. This biliary scan with CCK is the main test that is used to see if the GB is working. I also have gallbladder polyps (for years), however the surgeon says that many times what is thought to be polyps on the ultrasound comes out to be very small stones. I'm scheduled for surgery next Thursday.

To be honest, my nausea is gone at the moment and I don't have pain. This has been the way my life has been. Nausea for a period of time, then it goes away and I can eat anything---then it comes back again. I always thought it was GERD, although GI series said my GERD was minimal.

SO, will the GB surgery really be the answer--I don't know? The surgeon said a non-functioning GB should come out before I get into other troubles and now after all these years I find out that with GB polyps it should be out as well.

Best of luck for all who are having surgery. I'll try to post soon.
How did you find out about the polyps? Did you have any symptoms? (besides nausea) Swelling? I know you had a scan eventually. I am talking about the circumstances that had led up to it.
I am having terrible and scary stomach issues right now. My nausea is the worst it's ever been. My stomach is hugely swollen. That is why I am asking.
Thank you very much.

Hi there,
My initial symptoms were like a fullness and belching sensation which just came on me overnight and lasted for weeks, I also felt a dull pain between my shoulder blades (wind causes this) and I also felt a discomfort and bruised like feeling on my lower right ribcage. (The symptoms are very like gallstones without any real pain.)
I have a great experienced doctor who sent me for a scan of my gallbladder. The scan showed various polyps and I was advised to simple keep an eye on them by calling back in a years time for a further scan. As i had no real pain I said fine, but now the symptoms have got worse with constant nausea. So now I am waiting for the operation to have my gallbladder removed. (which I hope to have done within the next 2 weeks)
So I would love to hear from some-one who went through the same ordeal - how are you now? will this be he end of my complaints?

thank you and god bless!
My polyps were just found during ultrasounds (for many years)--I mostly complained to my doctor that I was having stomach upset. I was told everything was OK and that GB polyps were OK. I also have stomach polyps (benign fundic gland)--some have been removed for biopsy--I feel that these are caused by taking GERD medicines--the PPI's. Colon was clean--no polyps.

It will be interesting to see if these GB polyps are not really tiny stones. It's hard sometimes for the radiologist to determine this by the films.

My GI doctor treated my symptoms like any other stomach issue with PPI meds, Maalox and such. We never got down to the real reason for nausea and that bruised feeling in the ribs. I insisted on more tests. Sometimes you have to be your own advocate for your medical issues.
Joney and TKC, :)

thank you very much for your posts. I am waiting to have some tests run. Unfortunately, I have to wait several weeks. The tests should help determine what the problem is. I hope I won't get any bigger. I wish I could be certain it is only fluid retention. It does not look like it so far. I don't know how much weight I gained over a period of about 2 1/2 weeks. My guess is at least 15-20 pounds, mostly in the stomach area. I look about 8 months pregnant. All this sudden extra weight has made my reflux, nausea, peripheral edema and breathing worse than usual. There's also a backache and sore hips from all the extra weight. I am seeing stretch marks for the first time in 20 years. Great! :eek:If nothing changes, I might have to shop for maternity clothes, I don't have many things I still fit into.

How scary to read that the medication we take can and does create other problems, requiring further treatment (with [U][B]more[/B][/U] medication, of course!!!). I have seen some of that already with the drugs I take.
I was talking to a young lady at the pharmacy yesterday, whose friend had experienced similar problems to mine (sudden swelling, resulting in a huge stomach). It turned out her swelling was caused by the steroids she had been taking for asthma. She had gained close to fifty pounds.

I remember reading on this board that nausea, though a very common side effect and symptom of many disorders, can signal problems with a gallbladder. Thanks for mentioning your experiences with the gallbladder and polyps issues. I have never had mine checked. Hopefully, that will happen soon. :)


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