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[QUOTE=PumpkinSeed;3685389]i was just wondering if anyone else has this. i can't really figure out if it's GI issue. it happens when i am laying down. sometimes when i'm asleep it will wake me up. but today i kept trying to fall asleep and it would happen over and over again and now i'm just fed up.

i will feel a weird electrical shock type feeling in the middle of my chest. a bit above my sternum and a bit to the left. it's like someone is running electricity through my chest. it last approximately 1 second. it also feels like something inside is being 'wrung out' at the same time. a squeezy feeling, but very light and short.

i feel pretty calm when it happens, i don't notice any extra heart beats, no loud beats, no other symptom. i felt my pulse after one of these and it was pretty normal and quiet. it seems to go away when i sit up. i've been jolted awake i think from these episodes. usually with an adrenalin rush & major panic attack. deep breathing will make it go away, i also swallow alot of air and sit and burp and reburp myself insanely after. it feels like i'm letting pressure out (but don't think i really am, just swallowing more air). I have really bad acid reflux, but it comes and goes, right now it's not too bad.

right now, i am sitting here writing this, the last bunch of these happened about 20 minutes ago, about four in a row within 15 minutes. right now my chest feels like it is slightly electric. i know that's a weird description but the only way i can describe it. kind of shivery and light.

I always burp after.[/QUOTE]

Hello~ I found you description quite reassuring. I have been taking medication for GERD for about 15 years. Within the several months I have been experiencing a new sensation which has led to a recurrent panic attacks, especially during the night. If I stand up from bed I get this alarming sensation in my chest. It feels like a fairly tight, tingly rush in my chest and I can feel my pulse quite profoundly. There is NO pain whatsoever in my chest or abdomen though similar to those that I have during an acid reflux "attack". This sensation continues once I have laid back down and can lead to another sensation that I have labeled "squishy heart". It feels as if there is a large sponge in my chest cavity that is being gently squeezed and the an airy feeling just like soap suds filled up in your chest/stomach. Many a night these sensations have led to a panic attack. Just looking for some peace of mind.

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