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This isn't nessicerely about Acid Reflux but i do get some of the symptoms and have had Severe GERD before. Anyways I'm 18 and for the past 4 months i've had stomach problems! It all started when i took strong perscribed Ibuprofen for tension headaches brought on by Stress, after a few weeks of taking 2 a day (most days) i started getting this achy burning pain above my belly button in the middle, around 2-3 inches up. Then i got a really bad sorethroat with a horrible taste in my mouth along with hiccups and nausea, so i went to the doctor and she gave me Omerzapole (sorry i can't spell it). It did all clear up after about 2 weeks except from this annoying pain above my belly button. I've had mild acute attacks on and off since, the doctor put it down to Gastritis she thinks i had a reaction to the Ibuprofen and told me to carry on taking the Anacids which i don't think helped. But a few weeks ago i had a horrible few days of pain and nausea which made my whole stomach area hurt, my left ribs killed, i felt sick and i couldn't eat so i went back to the doctors once again and she sent me to get an Ultrasound on my Pancreas/Gall bladder to make sure. That came back clear but i'm still in pain so i'm going back soon. The pain is a weird gwaning burning feeling, it gets worse when i'm hungry and when i press on that area above my belly button it's really tender and hurts, also i get spasms in my left ribs and still on and off heartburn with constant hiccups!
I'm so confused with it all, do you think i have Gastritis? Maybe an Ulcer?
I never had any tests to determine it, but i probs will have to now.
I don't know if it's getting worse, it's just still there.
Help? :confused:

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