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Glad you posted those symptoms. I have been scared of what appears to be different symptoms the last couple weeks. I had a bad bout of acid reflux 2 weeks ago and it lasted for a week and a few days, like you symptoms vary some linger others come and go. This last week and a half I feel like something is in the throat like just below the adams apple or where they would do a tracheotomy, first it was sore throat, tongue and inside cheeks and that got better but I'm left with a FULLNESS in the throat and ear area and occasionally an ache in the upper chest just below the neck, even the side of the neck, at times the throat feels strained and it aches at times, lately the upper stomach has a gnawing or aching feel along with all the other crap, maybe I have an ulcer who knows. It doesn't hurt to swallow altho when drinking liquid I am aware of the area, no pain just aware but eating is no problem. I see my endo next week, as I'm suppose to have an endoscopy every 2yrs and I'm like 8 months past that time cuz I forgot! This is such a hard to control disease, a couple weeks of ok and then out of nowhere another couple weeks of symptoms. I don't have the usual heartburnin just on rare occasions, mine is clearing throat, slight cough, bitter taste and seems to be more symptoms are in the lower throat than chest area.

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