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Hello, I think you and I almost have same health problem. My esophagus feels like its being pulled down, tight, and sometimes at night I gag. I can sometimes hear my esophagus making a wringing sound. It is very painful. This problem stretches down to my stomach. My stomach is feeling swollen at the end of the day. It feels hard and bloated. All of these symptoms happened after having an injury about a year now, falling down in a hole of floor. Doc prescribed Omeprazole and Semithicone. It doesn't seem to help at all because symptoms keep coming back everyday. I can almost feel hot, burning sensation of my esophagus.
I too tend to get gas from PPI's, I think it's the PPI's anyway. I take other medication so I can't be for certain, however I pretty sure.

One other thing I was pondering the other day is: Will PPI's cause you to gain weight? I say this b/c PPI's stop or slow down the production of acid in your stomach, which in turn should slow down the digestion of food and your metabolism causing you to gain weight. I'm a 30/male, 6'3 205 fit, and I'm starting to notice a little excess stomach fat. Maybe my natural metabolism is slowly down, but I've been working out a lot lately and it's not improving.

Your thoughts???

Sounds just like my symptoms! That tight burning feeling. I had it so bad the other day after a 7 day non-stop week dealing with my Dad (alzheimers). I felt like my throat got really tight, and it was being stabbed with a little knife!

Also, my thoughts on the metabolism. I haven't gained any weight, but actually lost a little because of all the stress and worry about (alot) and the burning in my throat has me worried. Any ailment makes me worry, and that just makes the ailment worse! I think I may have PND also. Which could cause the same symptoms as acid reflux. Post nasal drip, dripping down a dry throat could cause burning dont ya think? For the most part, I don't have heartburn. That is a good question though. If there is no acid, how does the stomach metabolize food without acid?? Maybe the acid just stays at the bottom near the entrance to the intestines....I also heard that omeprazole causes constipation, and usually i don't get that ....until today!!! Thanks for the responses. It helps! By the way, I am 43, and pretty good shape, but have gone down to 104. I am only 5'1" though. I usually weigh 108-112 or so. I am a healthy eater, but lately I have been trying to eat more to stop the weight loss. I guess these meds just take a toll on us in different ways.

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