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I had a EGD and Colon done, have the colon done every 3 years due to a history of Polyps. The Dr. told my husband I had 3 small polyps, two he removed the third was too small. He found a small area of what he was not sure was inflamation or the start of an ulcer in my stomach. The biopsy came back as inflamation.

I had the Egd done because of symtoms but when I had my appointmnt with the Dr. all I saw was either a N/P or a Drs. assit. She came in without a chart, told me what the Dr. told my husband, I was asking her ?? and out she walked with no answers.

I was told through other colons that I had severe diverticulous and iBS. Nothing was said about this.

My symtoms are nausea, pain in my stomach, throat burning, burping. I can eat anything and no probems with these symtoms and all of a sudden they can appear.

I have left sided rib pain that at times goes through my breast up to my shoulder, breast tightness and soreness. My ribs are tender to the touch and I have this more than I do not have it. seems to get worse when I lay down.

The nausea and much of the stomach pain seems to be relived by rolaids but not the other pains. The Dr. prescribed protonix, took it for 3 weeks and had diarrehia several times a day from it so I stopped taking it.
Did nothing to help anyhow.

I was suppose to return to the Dr. in two weeks again but cancelled, if my ?? cannot be answered, why go.

I do have fibromyalgia, cervical hernations, arthritis in my neck and upper spine, costochondriis and fibrocystic breat disease.

I had ekg's done and an echo and they were fine

I really think it is a digestive problem but not sure with the symtoms. I had my gall bladder removed years ago.

Thanks, Linda

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