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I am 19 years old and have had constant digestive issue since i was young.

My Doctor has vaguely told me i have GERD or IBS
(runs in my family).
Have had no further testing done apart from a blood test:Tested negative for Celiacs.

Here are my symptoms:

Daily Nausea
Feeling full after small amount of food
Bloating(often before i have eaten)
Waking up feeling Nauseous
Loss of appetite
Anxiety Symptoms
Stomach pain/discomfort
Acid Reflux
Sometimes feel a renching feeling in stomach
Jaw and Cheek pain
Pressure in back of throat/pulled throat musscle.
[U]Have not lost weight[/U]

There have been many times i have had to sit up for hours and rub my stomach to fall asleep.
Or sat in the bathroom thinking i was going to vomit.
Have tried Losec & Ranitidine & Gaviscon and Quickeze.
All have helped but symptoms have returned.

Have kept a food diary and nothing sticks out as to what makes me feel sick.
But i have a suspicion that it could be wheat or gluten?
Am so fed up with always feeling sick.

Can any body see anything that it could be or have similar things happen to them?
Am interested in listening to other peoples storeis, especially who have suffered from a young age.

I wouldnt consider it all to be very severe or life threatening but to feel sick most days and struggle with feeling normal is so tiring.

Have kept a food diary and cannot seem to pinpint anything as sometimes i can eat wheat/gluten and feel fine.

Have not had any testing as i have come to the conclusion that most people do not find many answers with it.

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