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Hang in there occasionally the reflux goes through a flare up period. Last year after being put on Verapamil & aspirin for a heart problem my GERD went ballistic. I thought I would never get better again. My local Doctor told me it would take about 2-3 months to feel better and sure enough he was spot on. I stopped taking the Verapamil & Asprin as they're GERD producers (my cardiologist hates me) and hung in there through the extreme pain and misery and I got through. Sometimes for no reason that I can see my GERD flares up and everything bothers me and I become really ill for a while but it always comes good if I eat bland and hang in there. By really ill I mean I have horrid burning pains in my chest & esophagus that feels like I'm having a heart attack and I get to a point where I can't talk (no mean feat for me) or move so I know how you're feeling believe me. Nexium is the only medication that helps me. I totally emphasie nobody knows what this is like unless they've experienced it. People just tinks it's a bit of burping, bad wind or discomfort. Heck my Cardiologist thinks nothing of it (they don't believe me to be honest) it's really annoying there needs to be more done to help us current sufferers and the future ones. You'll get it right it just takes time and I know it can seem to drag but you will get through the other side. Cheers.

Thank you for your post. Right now I'm still taking Aciphex since I wrote last because I'm afraid to switch back to Nexium. I've done switching in the past and have had it the GERD get out of control so while I want to give Nexium another try I'm scared to. I still have the burn almost constantly but it is not as severe as the beginning of last week. That is why I hesitate. I think the calming may be because I've watched my diet very carefully and have eaten much less. My chest burns almost constantly though and I get pain somtimes that is sharp on the right which is from the spasms I guess. When I went on the Nexium last week (Wed) I improved for 2 days and then the 3rd day it seemed worse and I thought I was actually refluxing a bit more. I hardly cough while on Aciphex. I have tried all the PPI's by the way and I was on Prevacid Solutab for one year or so which worked great until tha tone stopped working. That is when I switched to Aciphex which has worked the longest. Now I burn all day and I agonize every morning about whether or not to try Nexium. When I visited my doctor, he said to add the Zantac 300 at night. He thought using Nexium was okay but when he took me to the sample closet he was out of it and asked if I wanted to continue with Aciphex. I said that is what I'm on now! He knows that but doesn't think Achipex is not working but that instead my body is just overproducing acid right now. He also suggested instead taking Zantac twice a day for 5 weeks and then switching back to Aciphex. The problem with that is I don't like taking Zantac because it seems to give me light sleep at night. I just don't feel rereshed when I take it. It helps some through the night but doesn't take it completely away. The doctor mentioned the next thing would be to try a low does of an antidepressent which I always say no to.

I wonder if something has changed inside like maybe my hernia is bigger than 3cm. This all came on so suddenly. I lifted an extremely heavy garbage bag a week or so before this came one by just lifting it without bending foward or down. I told my doctor but he doubted I had done anything to make the hernia worse.

I have tried Gaviscon (thank you for recommending it) and I think it is the best one for helping out of all the antacids. It is short lived though just like the rest and I hate the taste!

So here I sit uncomfortable but trying to live my life as normal as possible while caring for 2 kids. It is not easy and I cry a lot about it. My husband feels helpless. Right now if you have any insight as to what PPI to try that would help. I know you can't provide the answer because you are not me but based on what I've said do you think you'd try Nexium or continue on as is to see if it calms down on its own. I'm heading on 2 weeks since this all started.

Thanks for your support! I hope your surgery was successful for you. This is an awful problem.

Thank you!!![/QUOTE]

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