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:cool:[QUOTE=susieq14;3807389]Sorry you feel so miserable. I totally understand because I feel the same way. I have bad GERD which caused erosive esophagitis and will need PPI's for life according to my GI. I also have IBS. I take my meds faithfully and try very hard to do all the right things i.e. watch what I eat, don't go to bed for 3 hours after eating, have my bed elevated but still there are days and nights especially that I am absolutely miserable. I have lots of upper abdomen pain mostly on the left side under my breast and sometimes in the cleavage area. I also have the worst belching episodes. I burp more and louder than my husband. They come from way down in my gut and it often hurts when I burp. Lately I also have lots of flatulence.
I would suggest that you go back and see the GI. Perhaps you could have slow gastric emptying - which I was diagnosed with after a special gastric emptying scan. There is also something called Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) which I was tested for but did not have although my GI gave me a script for meds for it anyway. I did not try them because I have a bigger issue that I'm also dealing with - iron deficiency anemia which might be caused by my PPI's. It never ends...

Best of luck to you.[/QUOTE]

Since you are on PPI's abd are iron deficient it would also be of benefit to have your folate vit D and especially your Vit B12 since these are all utilzed by the gut.....
I ended up with severe deficiencies especailly B12 to the point were i lost my memory at times and a complete host of symptoms Happy to say I am all well again......

I have celiac disease which lead to it and reading what you were saying about flatulence and burping and IBS (that is what they said I had then reflux as well) was like me from the gluten amongst other symptoms

Have you been tested for this?

I hope you are well again soon

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