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[QUOTE=alleigh826;3803182]A little history first: About 2 years ago I had an Upper GI and a colonoscopy. GI dr told me I had GERD and that my esophagus had some erosion. I have been taking meds ever since.

Over the past few months, I have been getting very bad pains in the center of my upper abdomen. These pains can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It's like waves of pain just move through there. I lost 25 pounds over the summer due to not being able to eat because of these pains. Once the pain subsides, I notice that I have alot of gas. Could this just be trapped gas or possibly an ulcer? I think I am going to make an appointment with the GI again :([/QUOTE]

Story sounds like mine. I have had several upper endoscopys and my story goes like this:

I was experiencing mild sternum area pain on the left side and constant belching. An upper endo identified gastric ulcer and slight hiatal hernia. After 8 weeks of Prevacid once a day, the 2nd endo showed no gastric ulcer and a perfect stomach. But this was too good to be true.

After few months being off Preacid, the upper sternum area pain & constant belching returned. A 3rd endo found another gastric ulcer & gastritis this time. After 8 weeks of Prevacid twice a day, the 4th endoscopy showed no Ulcer but some slight gastritis remained.

The Doctor's instructions were to try to manage with Pepsid Complete and antacids, use PPIs only as necessary, possibly alternate every 2 months on and off if needed.

What i decided to do was to ween off Prevacid and start my new diet and supplement regeim. I started by reducing Prevacid from 2 a day to 1 a day for a week. For the next 5 pills, I took one every 1.5 days by taking at night one day, then wait a day, then take it the next morning etc.... Then I weened off it completely by taking a pill every 2 days for a total of 3 pills then every 3 days for total of 2 pills. All the while starting up the new diet and yeast killing supplements.

Right now i am off PPIs and have been off them for months. What i found that worked for me was in a heartburn book written by Dr. Sherry Rogers. One key reason for various gastro issues identified in the book is yeast overgrowth. Knowing from testing my issues were not bacteria or allergy related, I followed the diet and supplement recommendation for a month and it has provided me virtually complete relief (dare i say cure?).

I did feel a mild sternum area pain recently because i added sugars (and some coffee) back into my diet but once i stopped them, things felt healed once again.

My personal thinking why i had the ulcers, pain and acid, and other symptoms... STRESS! leading to yeast overgrowth and a leaky gut causing various symptoms and creating a viscious cycle.

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