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Throat/mucous issue
Nov 28, 2008
I have had some on/off noticeable acid reflux for the past year or so. I took prilosec prescribed by my GP for a time which seemed to help. Lately I've had a couple flare ups of reflux, and started on my prilosec again here 4 days ago.

A new symptom I've had is the feeling of a tickle in my throat and occasional sore throat. It also feels as though I have mucous or phlegm in my throat. I went to see the GP again, who thought reflux may be the issue, compounded by the dry humidity. He said my lungs sounded clear and recommended getting back on my prilosec routine, which I just recently have. He said I can have reflux going on w/o actually feeling the burning sensation.

I feel as if I have to clear my throat, and nothing really comes up. I have the sensation that phlegm is in my throat. Funny thing is that its not as noticeable when I'm sleeping. Overall my health is good and I excercise regularily.

Has anyone similar issues and is this an acid reflux symptom? How long should I give the prilosec a chance to work?

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