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something called schatzki rings. that is what i have. Food gets stuck on occasion and it can be very painful. ive had to be hospitalized 2 times for it and have the rings stretched. the 2nd time i got food stuck was the 1st time i went to my dr for it. He had a fit. I had gotten the food stuck at dinner and just went to bed. I thought it would pass when i relaxed. I kept spitting in a cup all night cause my spit wouldnt go down. when i got to the dr the next a.m. he immediately sent me to th hosp. He had a fit because he said if I had gone into a deep sleep I could of asperated. In otherwords, since my spit wasnt going down my esophagus it could of gone into my lungs causing me to drowned in my sleep. Nice huh? so if it sounds familiar. go to th Dr...

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