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I've had problems with breathing for a very long time now. I've gone to doctors/specialists/hospitals off and on to no avail and always felt like I was rushed out and made to feel like I'm making up my breathing issues, or that it's anxiety. Before I go any further, after a good 5 years of this issue off and on, I can tell you it is NOT anxiety. I'm the furthest thing from an anxious person.

I'm currently seeing an ENT who actually seems to believe there truely is something wrong. First of all, I have some pretty crappy allergies to dust and mold. Just a little over a year ago I started up really bad allergic reactions. Sneezing a lot, runny nose, rash/hives, eyes swelling and itching (which later found out were also hives in my eyes).. So, I do know I have some allergies to these things as I've seen an allergist as a result of my reactions and those reactions actually coincided with 1) new workplace and 2) our ceiling had leaked and it was quite obvious there was mold and I'm positive this was the major trigger for the allergies to go into high gear.

That was a year ago where the allergies started bad. The whole while (before AND after) I had difficulty breathing. I've always felt like it was in my throat, and I am embarassed to say, my fiance often complains about my breath. It's not that I don't brush my teeth, I would brush them every time he complained because it made me so self consious about it :(

Fast forward to now.. I am seeing an ENT like I said. He suggested it could be 2 things. Because I am trying to have a baby, we only tested for one so far. I had an MRI on my sinuses, since I have chronic allergic rhenitus and it was really bad, he figures my sinuses can't be in that great of shape either. I also mentionned to him how every time I sneeze or cough, these hard thick chunks of mucous come out. My nose is almost always clear, but I still have to blow it because higher up in my nose, it's very stuffed and I can't breathe from my nose because of it.. but within my nose itself it's totally clear (hopfully that made sense). I'm just really frustrated with this.

I tried to look up some things tonight to see what I could offer up to the ENT and see what he thought. I came up with LPR. I can't spell out the whole thing however it's got to do with silent acid reflux, where you don't get heart burn. I rarely if ever get heart burn.. I think I get it like once a year?? It's really not that often at all.. but now I'm wondering if this acid thing makes sense?

Here's exactly the symptoms I have:
stuffed higher up in the nasal cavity
-constantly having to blow my nose (go through at least 1 box/week myself)
-constantly sneezing and very loudly (uncontrolable but very embarassing)
-coughing and feeling slight tightness in throat (this feeling is hard to explain but it's like i'm almost just to say gasping and trying to catch my breath)
-wheezing (this is much more recent. Don't think I've had this much in the past? But it has been happening for a good month now or a bit more and it's mainly at night, when I'm trying to take in deep breaths through my mouth, worse when nose is stuffed.. just feels like the air catches on stuff in my throat or something..)
-thick hard chunks of mucous from throat when coughing/sneezing sometimes yellow, sometimes white, never clear
-always a bad taste in mouth. when I cough/sneeze worsens and tastes metallic like blood but no blood ever comes up
-sometimes when taking a deep breath, I can't complete the breath.. I'm not panicking or anything, it's just a feeling of not being able to take in the full breath causing me to yawn a lot as my body needs that deep breath..
-thick globby feeling in back of throat.. sometimes I can cough this up and it's really big globs of mucous.. sometimes I can't get it all out and it's really annoying because it's like it's covering too much of my throat.
-constantly clearing throat.

I can't think of anything else specific to this.. if anyone here has experience with LPR or maybe even anything else that sounds similar to this, please reply. I am getting so frustrated with this!

About 4 years ago I was checked for asthma and did some breathing test and was told I didn't have asthma. They also tried ot give me some puffers and that didn't help. They told me "well we don't really know what's wrong with you" and sent me on my way home. I do think there is something. I don't know if my allergies are causing it or making it worse. I've tried to get my allergies controlled, and I've managed the skin and eye irritations but the stuff for my nose just doesn't work!

I'm just worried that if there is something wrong iwthin my throat, whatever it is LPR or not.. that if I do in fact get a lung/throat infection.. that it's just going to make things that much worse and can't imagine the fun that will be!

I'm going to run away before the length of this scares anyone off lol. Please give me some insight anyone.. Am just looking for any possible explanation. I'm not going to assume it's what's wrong with me.. I just want to help my ENT and hopefully speed up the process as I want a solution already. I've waited many many years to just take a nice deep breath without feeling like crap!

Thanks anyone who's made it this far!
I have the exact same symptoms with a few added to it. My voice has changed or I lose it for months at a time. This has been going on for 10 yrs or more. I was diagnosed with Allergies/Asthma, Esphogatis, Chronic Gastritis, GERD, and finally LPR. I never had allergies before this began and I think it all ties in together. Only in the past 5 yrs or so, gastro's seem to agree with ENT on the fact that acid can go up further and cause a lot of havock on your body. A tiny, tiny minute amt leaked into the lungs will cause breathing problems. I feel as though after I have eaten or drank anything that "something" shuts right up to my sinus. I also get choking spells and a lot of time get chunks out of my throat of green mucus. I felt like it was undigested food coming back up but could be the sinus issue. I rarely get anything out of my nose when I blow it but I have the drainage down the back of my throat 24/7. This causes a chronic cough and sniff, sniff, that drives me and everyone else crazy. I took shots for years, have had all the test, seen spec after spec, saw several surgeons (desprete for surgery) do nasal irrigations, have taken every med known to man and then some. I continue to have these symptoms and it's effected my life both professionally and socially. I know some foods make me worse but then again water does some days. The most prescribed med for LPR is 40 mg of Nexium twice a day. Some say it's most important to not eat anything 3 to 4 hrs. before bedtime and this is probably true. I do not have heartburn and no problems during the night. Only while upright, which is consistant with LPR patients. I'm not good on diet although I eat healthy meals, I still indulge in chocolate and other things I shouldn't. I also eat late and go to bed. If I followed ALL the rules (maybe) I'd be better more often but that's pretty hard to do. There is no cure for LPR and some Dr's still disagree. I haven't found a Dr. that was keen on surgery for LPR either since my test do not reflect that much acid. The thing is that it's not the amt. but where it's being thrown.

I hope this helps you some or at least let's you know you are not alone. BTW, it has effected my sense of smell and my hearing! I ask my husband if I have bad breath and he say's no. But, it ruined the enamel on my teeth to the point that I had to get all my teeth pulled and now have 30k worth of implants. I stopped taking the Nexium because it wasn't working anymore but worry about the long term effects of this and cancer.

Many on here are frustrated with this disease and I think the only way we are going to get well is to continue posting and helping each other. We all try and think of what started it and have come to several conclusions but the main thing we need to do is figure out how to stop it. If that's possible. Good Luck and I would be most interested in what your Dr's say or recommend so please post again.


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