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Hello fellow acid reflux sufferers! I have been suffering with GERD for 22 years. It started when I was 11. At times medications really helped get it under control. I have taken just about everything: pepcid, prilosec, propulsid, nexium, tums, pepto, prevacid, etc. After a time they quit working and my reflux got even worse when I tried to go back on them. At times my reflux has been so bad I've had to sleep sitting up for weeks at a time and have had extreme difficulty eating and even drinking water, not to mention talking or walking around. YOu'd never think it could be that debilitating but I'm sure many on this board have experienced worse.

In any case, throughout my own experience and reading over the years, I've found there are many things that can cause GERD which some of you may have already looked into but others may not have considered. Celiac disease, for starters. Any kind of food sensitivity can cause GERD. I know there is a blood test called Ige or something like that which tests for these sensitivities. Celiac is a blood test as well, just worth a shot. Dairy and eggs are also big allergens for many people.

Another cause can be h pylori, make sure to rule it out as that can be easily solved with antibiotics.
Gall stones are another cause, as is systemic candida or yeast. I believe my issues stem from a spastic, very twisted colon that aggravates my hiatal hernia. For some reason, when my bowels are trying to move, I have a lot of acid reflux. Anyone else experience this?

A word about antacids and antacid meds--if you take these for years and overalkalanize your body's ph, your body will eventually produce even more acid and an unhealthy, bacterial environment can be created in your gut from over alkalinization. There are natural sources, like licorice root, that you can get at the health food store, that help heal the esophagus without that alkalinizing affect.

I am a newbie, so all of this may have been posted before. If so, I apologize for making anyone yawn, lol!

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