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YEs, overly sensitive.....that is what I meant about the body on a hair-trigger response. Alot of people have MVP, which is a benign heart condition. It's just a prolapse in the valve. It is not dangerous at all. It just has many side affects as the sensitivity to EVERYTHING is one of them. Don't worry. Also, you sound like me, somewhat of an anxious person. When you have anxiety, and stress, it seems like anytime something doesn't feel right in our bodies, we feel it and think the worse. I know I do. Right now my hip is bothering me. I am 105 lbs. and I have a five year old, plus 4 other kids, but he was my last baby and I gained 50 lbs with him and my 5 disc in my back in bulging, (bulging disc.) sooooo, my hip feels like it pops out sometimes when i walk, not literally, but I think a nerve from my back is pinching somewhere, thus causing this pain, and of course my first thought??? hip cancer. I came on this site for alot of ailments, and currently it is the acid reflux. If course I thought of esphageal cancer, and those kinds of thought. Hey, maybe we need to go over to hypochondriacs!! Hang in there. I pray all the time, and it never fails....everytime I go to church, I get my answers!

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