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Ok, I thought I’d post again as my symptoms are becoming more defined. Maybe someone out there is more or less having the exact same issue or been thru this. If you recall my saga you might as well skip this paragraph! As previously posted I am a 40+ male, 5’-9”, 190 lbs (gained 15 – 20 pounds over the last decade) and fairly inactive (well I started exercising a week ago). I never had any reflux symptoms. I do have bad allergies/drip/nasal etc and am on meds and allergy shots. In Oct, after dinner a few nights in a row, while sitting I thought I could feel my heart beating. It turned to what I thought was an irregular beat. I freaked out (which likely made things worse) and went to my internal med doc. She sent me for blood work and an eco and had me wear a holter monitor for a day. Everything came back normal. The holter showed a few irregular beats, ironically not when I thought I felt them! She said to calm down, loose some weight and exercise. I actually felt better as the good news about the heart came in. She said I could take pepsid for 2 weeks and that I perhaps had reflux which messed something up inside of me and the pepsid might help it heal. She did not think it was the heart. FYI: I have never had any pain, burning or burping but she said I could have had reflux without knowing it. Also, my allergies had been very bad (drip/cough etc) and this could have inflamed something. I also remembered that back in August I DID have a bout where I actually had trouble swallowing. At the time my drip was horrible. It was at that time my allergist bumped me up to shots ever two weeks instead of monthly and a few other things. That helped. The swallowing incident only lasted a few days and I did not give it any thought thereafter

Well the pepsid helped a bit, I think, but did not eliminate the problem. The problem now seemed less and less an irregular heart beat / palpitations and more a quivering or spasm feeling that would occur anywhere from in the back of my throat down into my belly. On rare occasion I’d swear the heart was beating irregularly but mostly just this quivering inside me after eating….or sometimes when I’d lay down for bed. I returned to my doc after the holidays. She noted I actually had gained a few pounds, again the holidays. She said to try prescription prilosec once a day and I would likely see an improvement in 2 weeks…it should eliminate stomach acid and let whatever might be inflamed in there heal. Prilosec was stonger than the pepsid. Also, again, loose some weight and exercise. If it is helped after 2 weeks, take it the rest of the month and then ween off it and see how it goes. If it gets no better she’ll send me to a gastro for testing. 9 times out of 10 prilosec is the answer she said.

So I started the prilosec, once a day at lunch. I think it was working to some degree, I think my symptoms were not as intense. I even remember ONE night where I felt nothing at all—not even a momentary twitch! But, 2 / 3 days in I caught my kid’s head cold and was sniffy, flemmy and coughing for days. I still have a little ‘cold’ residue in me but am better. Over that week or so any ground I gained in the first 2/3 days was lost. The quivering was back after dinner and at bed time! Could it be the prilosec was helping but the flem and coughing further adjatating something during that time, again offsetting my gains? Irritating what?

Finally, I have been eating less and walking a treadmill after dinner for the last 4/5 days, even while I had the cold. Well last night we all went to the local buffet. I tried to eat less but ate more than I should have I guess. I hit the bathroom then the treadmill when I got home. When I sat down I noticed the quivering….not horribly so but annoyingly so. I went to bed around 12:30 am and was still doing it. Around 1am I decided to take a seocnd prilosec. (I took the first before dinner around 4:30pm instead of at lunchtime). Well, with in one minute my symptoms stopped! I could not believe it! So, it was either all in my head (placebo effect-doubt this), the glass of water I took with the pill helped (???) or the prilosec worked some kind of miracle that fast. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK? I really do not want to take 2 pills again within a 24 hour period; I won’t make the over-eating mistake again.

If you think it was the prilosec then: 1) What exactly does the drug do and how does it work? 2) If it is stomach acid, why is my body producing so much OR is it that something is inflamed and the acid irritates it? 3) If the acid is needed for digestion, doesn’t the prilosec hurt digestion? 4) The scary question, what could be inflamed and what can be done about it?

I figure, with my cold almost gone, I should try the priloec another week or so and see how things go. My gut tells me I will end up at the gastro and to be honest my mind then starts to wander thinking about cancer and testing and stuff.

Opinions, ideas etc etc.

Thanks for your patience. The frustrating thing is I FEEL fine otherwise. I have an appetite. The minimal exercise might even be making me feel more peppy. But, what is that damn quivering feeling…

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