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I can't believe my journey to seek wellness started over a year ago. I like others have become my own advocate to find relief from this terrible state of existing. But you are worth the fight. Don't give in, continue to fight the battle. I have seen probably more than 8 doctors and countless tests and home remedies since my last post, including a couple of ER visits. After being diagnosed with GERD, LPR (acid reflux that affects the throat) and of late Gastropersis (spelling?) slow stomach emptying. My best results have been to eat smaller meals even though I feel hungry after eating and spread them out over the course of the day up to six times. Stop eating at least 3 hours before going to bed (that is a hard one). Cut out hard to digest foods like tomato based (chilli, spaghetti, sausage, hot/spicy anything, fried, processed meats like hot dogs, dairy,) and cut way back on other hard to digest foods like nuts and raw vegetables which I love. I sometimes make green smoothies (spinach, lettuce, frozen fruit, carrots etc). I sleep with the head of my bed elevated. Pillows do NOT work. Can use concrete blocks (the gray ones with the two holes in them), Walmart now sells the elevation blocks fairly cheaply. This has been the best results of all. Not sure this helped but I also had my vents proressionally cleaned and use a room air filter if my breathing seems like it is going back the other way. I consume mostly all natural and organic products - it gets expensive but is worth it. I can either pay money for medicine or eat healthier. That's my justification anyway. I am medicine free until I get off track i take nexium, to help, pray and then over time it works itself out. Of course I still go out to eat occasionally but really watch what and how much I eat. If I overeat, what is normal amounts for the average person my food starts to back up into my throat (lump), nose runs like allergies and I can not breathe well. It is a pattern that gets extremely worse when I lay down. I gasp for air. I do have the pain in the center of my chest, more so when I am experiencing the symptoms like a rib is broken and it is catching my skin. I did go to an allergist because the upper respiratory, sinus and throat problems were thought to come from allergies, only to find out it is common to those with gastropresis to have these sypmtoms. To my surprise I don't have any allergies at all. She referred me to a gastro doctor he ran a series of test some he had to run multiple times because my stomach was not emptying for hours at a time. The food was backing up into my esophecus (sp?). Wow - i have experienced so much relief, and hardly ever have the breathing problems as long as i stick to the plan. Be your own advocate - you may have to push your way through a series of doctors until you find the answer - it is out there somewhere. PS I found out that most of the medicine i was taking my stomach was not digesting any way. Talk with your doctor may need to sprinkle on food if capsule or crush using a pill crusher. Not all meds can be taken that way but if you can't maybe try getting it in liquid form. Oh and start journaling what you eat with dates and times, when your symptoms appear better or worse. It may take months but may find a pattern. Watch for two hours after you eat and document how you feel. Wellnesseeker

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