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Hi, I understand what your going through, your not alone. I came down with ashtma like symtoms last december. I am 15 and a very active basketball player and now im on homeschool, not playing basketball, can barely walk from one place to 200 yards to another place. I also get very dizzy and light headed often. I undestand the chest pain. I dont know why i have it. The doctors dont know why i have it. I have had bad luck with doctors. I have little energy, i can barely do anything but i have to stay strong because i have been to the low point, and i hated life, but i just sit and think for hours on end, and realize that im young and the harder i fight the faster i will be back up and going.

I have had an upper GI and a ct scan now.
Dont worry about getting an endoscopy done. They can sedate you completely if you dont want to be awake. I havent had one done but some close friends of mine have, and she was just fine after hers. she remembers nothing, woke up in recovery and felt good.

Try to start taking some pepsid or zantac. They can be pricey but get a house brand from like a grocery store and then they wont be too expensive.
I agree that you probably shouldnt be taking so much ibuprophen. It isnt good for the stomach.

I hope your able to get this done with no insurance. I know doctors and medicine is very pricey. This summer my parents were both layed off, and i came down with pnemonia and my doctor couldnt diagnose me with it, so i ended up being sick for about 3 months, like in bed sick, and with a horrible cough,and really bad chest pain since.

Stay strong. Its the only way to get healthier. Stand up for yourself and get help :)

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