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I sure can relate to that! It's like a vicious cycle. My acid reflux will cause me to feel like I"m congested in the throat. I was diagnosed with asthma back in 1995, it took 2 more years for them to find out I didn't have asthma but severe GERD. When my GERD is under control, my breathing tests are normal, when it's out of control my breathing tests are not up to where it should be! I took Nex twice a day for three months and it helped a lot, enough to where I could drop down to once a day. I do get flare ups where I need to up it again for awhile, probably stress and the combination of eating one of my triggers because it tastes so good going down, until that evening of course! I know this disease can be under control but it is one that is NOT cured only controlled.

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