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I take nexium (more recently 40 mg twice a day) and also ranitidine at night. I also take acidophilus daily, a spoonful of unpasteurized honey at bedtime, other vitamins, and I drink my "green drink" every morning--it's the equivalent of 6 servings of fruit and vegetables and supposedly very alkalizing to your body.

Unfortunately, I do find that chocolate bothers me, so I have gradually curtailed it and you get used to not having it after a while. As I mentioned, that's not to say I don't have it, I just need to be ready for the possible symptoms I may get after! I used to have these "alkalizing" tablets from the naturopath that I was to take when I wanted to "splurge" and they worked but I can't get them where I live now. SOmetimes I take DGL (licore tablets) before a spicy meal as they are supposed to protect the stomach. I generally drink a lot of herbal tea and have cut back on my regular tea as I do wonder about that.....and I am drinking more red wine (that is supposedly the better choice) when I do want a drink. I have a friend with GERD (on nexium) who agrees with me that "Blush" white wine (Zinfandel) seems to not bother us!

I think the bottom line is really trying to figure out what does bother you--it may take some careful tracking and keeping in mind that sometimes the sypmtoms may not be instant--eg. if you drink wine at night, you may notice reflux more the next day, not that night! Then when you find the irritants--you make a choice--either cut them out entirely, or, try other protective means when you do have them---experiment--take a tums along with the irritant, or the DGL tablets, or something else alkalizing. It's a fine line between enjoying life and then perhaps suffering after. Everyone is different but there can be irritants for you that others don't have, and vice versa.

THe naturopath I saw told me that tea/coffee without sugar and milk (or at least skim milk) are better for you (less acid forming).

There are some books out there on the subject, and, as I mentioned, the company that makes my "green drinks" has a website and I got a table of "acid/alkaline foods" from my health food store that I have found to be very helpful. I think that is on the website as well. Remember that sometimes foods we think are acidic are really not when they get into the stomach. Fresh lemon is an example. I have read in many places that drinking water with FRESH lemon juice is alkalizing IN the stomach (as well as a very good liver cleanse) but most people would think that lemon juice is ACIDIC. Yes, if you suck on a piece and you have irritation in the mouth, throat or esophagus, it may burn a bit, but in water, it is supposedly alkalizing in the stomach. Same with fruit---fresh but not too ripe fruit is okay, but not canned or fruit that is too ripe. I find I can eat a greenish banana no problem, but if it is too sugary (so very yellow and definitely not with ANY brown spots), it bothers me. If I buy a fresh pineapple, I can eat it the first day I cut it, but not after that.

I also use pure maple syrup on anything like oatmeal, pancakes, etc and in general have cut back on my sugar that I use in baking (that really benefits the whole family). SUGAR in general is bad and I know it bothers me in relation to my GERD symptoms. Peanut butter also bothers me. I have grown accustomed to ALMOND BUTTER and it is another example of a food that is not only alkalizing but very good for you. Really, the whole optimal diet of alkalziing foods is a very healthy one. That is not to say I follow it all the time but again, it's a personal decision to figure out what is worth the pain/gain. To me, I liken it to people trying to lose weight. We all know what we need to do and not do and it's up to you to follow the plan or pay for the consequences. But again, you have to live and find that happy place of enjoying life but staying healthy, and there's a price for everything. Good luck!

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