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If you have been on meds for a few months with no relief, then you should go back to your doctor and be re-evaluated. Generally, it can take a few months for meds to do the trick, but after that, you deserve to be heard that things are not better. As for the arm pit pain, I am not sure about that, unless you have swollen glands or inflammation in the chest that is referring to there---are your upper ribs (chest are) sore to touch, esp in between where the muscles are?

Dont' worry about being a hypochondriac---dr.s deal with them every day!!! It's how you word it----don't mention to them that you looked on the internet--they hate that! Just go in and tell him/her that you are not feeling better despite the treatment and mention about the arm pain. I truly believe that in these times of overworked doctors, we need to take full responsibility for our health. Doctors are now reactive instead of proactive so you need to ask for what you want.

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