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I am sorry you are still suffering Lisa. I do pray right now that God will heal you!!! This is such a rough thing to deal with. I thought I had mine under control and I think I did for about a month. Then I slipped off the wagon and have eaten terriable for a month. I was so hungry for yummy food. Of course it's all wrong for acid reflux. To make matter worse I had coffee 4 days in a row. Now I have so much mucus and coughing going on. I feel like I can't get a full breath. I have to keep clearing my throat. I have been burping and hiccuping and all that starts going on when it's irritated in there again. It's like I have to start all over again. Alot of these things can be controlled with a really strict diet. But I have to have Tums and meds too when it gets out of hand like this. I have had so many tests run and it seems to be silent reflux. They can't find anything, even with the scope. But this is all very real.
Hang in there everyone. And my advice is watch your diet. Don't cheat like I did.

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