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I'm new here, but have been reading for the past two months. That is when my symptoms began. I am in the same boat it seems as many here. I lost my job in February. Financially, my husband and I are fine for now, though we have had to cut back and tighten our belts as many others.

Maybe I can get some support or advice here. First I need to say that I am a smoker and have been reading a book on how to quit and want to quit.. I have cut way down over the past year, from over 2 packs a day to between 8-15 a day and working hard to keep going. But because of this when I first started to feel a slight pain and burning in my chest (center beneath my breast bone), my anxiety became worsened. I'd have off and on pain/burning or just pain or just burning that sometimes would feel as if it were even between my shoulder blades. I then started noticing a lot of indigestion. I then lost my appetite...and became even more alarmed. I went to the doctor (GP) who said my heartburn could be because I have been on an anti-inflamatory for many years and can now be causing heartburn. She did a routine urinalysis and came back into the office saying "did you know you had blood in your urine?"...."No, I have no pain or anything." She said it was a UTI and gave me antibiotics along with telling me to take Prilosec OTC once a day.

After a few days on the anti-biotics, I started getting my appetite back and became more relaxed as the heart burn and chest pain went away. I felt great! I was so relieved too. But then not long after the antibiotics were done, I started getting the PND. I've never had it like this before, I actually felt it drip into the back of my throat and it just stays there. Won't come up or go down. I began swallowing, coughing, clearing, spitting..constantly. Then the I started experience chest tightening, pain and the burning again.

I had a whole round of blood work done, she said everything was as good as you would want it to be except my thyroid was a tad high so she put me on a low dose medication for hypothyroidism, and told me to increase the prilosec to twice a day.

I did this and had a whole week pretty much of mild symptoms to no symptoms, but the phlegm was still there just didn't seem as bad. Or maybe I tried to ignore it...I'm not sure which. Some days it is worse than others but it is a constant annoyance.

I swallow so much that my throat feels sore at times, it also feels dry and seems to even click or make a loud noise when I swallow. My chest pain and burn still come and go....I can go a day without anything but then the next day it can bother me all day.

Now, I've notices more gas in my stomach and stomach pains (mostly around my left side of belly button to top of belly button)..this is also worse some days than others.

I don't notice much difference depending on food that I eat, but I am almost afraid to eat at times. I have stopped drinking all coffee and soda too. All I've been drinking is water.

When I think about things or worry, then the heartburn seems to come on with a vengence even if I have not eaten anything.

I'm making an appointment with my GP. Most times they have me see tne NP, I'm thinking I might want to see the regular GP, but I really like the NP. Also, what should I say? I'm afraid of being told it's all stress or that it's in my head, but I do know that my chest and throat areas do not feel right! Something is not right and something tells me it is not just allergies. I did try taking claritin for a week and there was no change in the PND.

Sorry this is sooooo long. I've been coming here and reading for a while now, and just felt the desire to get it out to whomever will listen.

Thanks in advance for any words you might have.

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