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hello there, can anyone throw some light on this? I have suffered from acid reflux for a number of years now and take Omeprazole from time to time. For months now I have had a painful shoulder (left hand side at the back near shoulder blade). I am being seen by the PT as it is assumed that it is a muscular problem but over the last few days i have been wondering whether it is actually nothing to do with muscles but something to do with my acid reflux as i remember once my GP saying that indigestion/acid reflux can radiate from the back shoulder blade. I am confused because not sure if this is related or whether the painful shoulder is just a muscular problem, i suppose without having a look (ie scans etc) i won't know will I? I will mention it to my PT next week and am also thinking about going to see a Chiropractor. Any advice would be great thanks.
Hi, pain from acid reflux can radiate to the back, shoulders and up the neck and head, but it will go away, it is not a ongoing pain as you describe, I think your shoulder pain is most likely a muscle.


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