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i am due to have my tonsils out - i think the bacterial overload causing mucus into your stomach causes your stomach to create more acid.... to try to kill the germs. there is also the possibility that the germs from the tonsils leak into the stomach and cause an infection there and this creates gas which for me makes me burp and fart a lot and feel bloated! what do you think? i am going to have my tonsils out in a few emonths - i will let you know what happens to my reflux and burping situation. also, my tonsils are so swollen, hard and infected that one of them is actually resting on my little flap in my throat that controls whether food or air goes down into the stomach/lungs which i think is why i am burping more and having gas pains.... just ideas.... my reflux/burping started at the exact same time that my tonsil problem really flared up. i constantly have bleeding and pus from my tonsils. nice. the stones are caused by a bacteria called actinomyces israelii. they make the sulphur white/yellow club shaped balls of smelly yuck. i am worried that the infection may not just be confined to my tonsils now that i have had it for so long.

has anyone had tonsils out and found an improvement in digestive health?!

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