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Hi there :D

Can upper back pain be Associated with acid Reflux/Gerd, for example I have upper left back pain with occasional tingling. The pain does seem to radiate from front of chest to the back area. I also have pain in my middle back and even lower although this is a different kind of pain.

Can acid reflux be that bad to cause so much back pain. It really is typical that acid reflux causes so much symptoms in the heart area, I would be so much happier if they were in somewhere like my leg lol, that would ease anxieties.

Ok and also what kind of neck symptoms do you experience and do you think they are acid Reflux/Gerd related.

For me along with an extremely thick clear mucus in the throat, I have a feeling of stiff neck, I find myself holding the back of my neck at various times throughout the day.

Ahh and another problem, Gum inflammation? Possible Acid/Gerd related?

And probably the most important question and last for now, Just how ill does your Acid reflux make you feel? For me recently I just feel ill, pale, down and basically terrible (Even without Reflux symptoms present), although itís the kind of ill that you cant explain to anyone how cr*p you feel, or when a Dr asks you whatís the problem you cant Cleary tell him, or basically feeling really sick with total confusion as to why. Can it wear you down like this?

That's what I'm still having until now. Left upper back pain, left stiff neck and lower back pain. I had my endoscopy done last March and was told to have mild acid reflux. Though I have been to 3 different gastroenterologist and diagnosed me also with GERD. My swallowing is much better than before and I am not experienceing fast heartbeat or anxiety attacks with chills. I hope we'll get the right treatment for this. It's seems like the doctors does not take GERD seriously but they didn't know that it makes a big effect in our daily living. I know I have GERD but I am also scared of thinking everyday that I might have cancer.

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