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My dad suffered for 11 years before they diagnosed him with acid reflux - he couldn't swallow meat and he would throw up his food. Chest pains because the food wouldn't go down. So now it is all straightened out but I guess it affects people in different ways. My mother has acid reflux - it wakes her up in the middle of the night and she has to catch her breath because the acids traveled up through her mouth. She also has gas that travels through her body and causes pain in the legs, arms, chest. She has been to emergency plenty of times thinking she is having a heart attack and finding out that it was gas. Not trying to scare you but gas does travel and mimics a heart attack so I guess the best thing to do is ask your doctor. I usually breath in and out and try to calm myself done when it happens. I don't know what I have yet but the gasterologist is telling me gerd or acid reflux. I am going to try the probiotics to reduce some of the gas. I am so worn out of all this and can't believe I have to live like this but hopefully they will have an answer for me. Gas can wear you down - I have felt totally exhausted at times and have to lay down. It is like I don't want to deal with anyone. I get numbness in the jaw and numbness in my legs. There are some weeks when I feel great then it comes back for 5 days. I wish I knew what this was so I can get treated.

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