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It's great to hear that you've found a trigger and a method to control it. Based from what I read on these boards stress and anxiety are triggers for a lot of people suffering from GERDS. If you have a way to fit it into you daily schedule tai-chi would be a great complement to your acupuncture theropy. You can find classes thru the park board, churches and YMCAs. There are some very simple styles like tai chi for arthritis that are very easy to learn and are great way to learn relaxation.
That's great Champ that you had such good luck with the Vegan diet. I can't afford to lose anymore weight since I'm already down to 102lbs.

I'm still happy to say that I'm feeling much much better. I even stopped taking the digestive enzymes (I ran out) and have been fine without them.

The acupuncture does not hurt. Some of the needles pinch a little but others I can't even feel them. It's a wierd feeling sometimes b/c I will feel like my whole body is tingling and then the sensations move from my head down to my feet.

Yes, stress and anxiety can cause a lot of damage, which is why after the medicines and diet changes didn't work, I went this route. I kept telling myself that I wasn't stressed out b/c I manage a lot of things and stay very well organized while taking care of my 4 kids. But my acupuncturist said I just have a lot of nervous energy and she's right. It's hard for me to just sit and relax. I tried yoga a few years ago and it was boring to me. I like lifting weights and aerobics much more.

The other thing I did was schedule a full physical with my general physician. That was earlier this week and he gave me a clean bill of health, except he did get on me about how much weight I've lost. I'm working on gaining some back.

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