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Hello Mayer! I am glad you just posted this. How ironic. I have been feeling like this for days now with my recent reflux flare up. I thought I was imagining things but now I know I am not. My throat is so full of mucus and gunk and today while I was on my cell phone at the bank with my friend I had to stop mid sentence and get a breath and swallow gunk. My breathing was deliberate and noticible by me. I keep going eeh clear the mucus. I feel like my chest is a little tight or just uncomfortable. I don't know how to explain it. Does it make sense?

Does your throat feel a little tight or closed in? Do you notice your breathing pattern? Do you have gunk or mucus you have to keep clearing?? This is how I feel. Do you have all the burning or anything? Mine comes and goes. This is baffling me because my stomach feels fine and I don't have any burning in the esoph. or chest area. I feel fine. So what is this mucus deal?? I burp alot! And sometimes get hiccups. And I can't eat large portions of food at any meal time. It's better on me to eat smaller meals. I hope I don't have any other serious problem. Its giving me major anxiety feeling this way. I make myself heated up water and try to break up the mucus. I am really watching my diet. Right now I am just taking Pepcid and Tums. Some of the other OTC stuff has artificial sweetners in it that make me feel bad.

Do you have any idea's?? I don't want this to get worse. But mine does effect how I am talking to people because I have to stop and swallow and cut through the mucus, then try to clear it and get a good breath in. It is just so frustrating isn't it? Is that why you chew gum Charberry?? I do that too thinking it will help cut the mucus. I am just concerned about this being an asthma type thing. I don't want to stop breathing. :(

I can't tell for sure what it is because I have so many year round allergies too. But this seems to be different than the allergies that I have always dealt with. It is a different sensation. The mucus thing is so different than the itchy watery eyes..sneezing etc....its just solely in my throat...just full of MUCUS!! I don't really feel it is post nasal drip. I just can't tell what direction its coming from.

Today my voice has actually gotten hoarse. It's all raspy. This is nuts!! I need reassurance...please!! Help!

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