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I am all over this board - but I have a few questions. Both my parents suffer from Acid Reflux and they take different medicine for it. My mother had to use different medicines to find the right one that works for her.

Before my gallbladder removal I would have occassional heartburn and acid coming into the throat area but it didn't really bother me. As soon as I got my gallbladder removed I would get bloated, tightness around the waist, beltching constantly, and then I would have episodes of nausea. At night, I would wake up and it felt like acid was coming up my throat. Sometimes in the morning my throat would feel raw and then I would beltch all morning and sometimes the beltching would relieve the nausea. My doctor noticed the roof of my mouth was completely red and wanted me to see a gasterologist. I would go for two weeks feeling ok and have mild symptoms of heartburn, and bloating and acid problems and then the episode would happen where I would get nausea most of the day and then the next day my stomach would be sore (upper area of stomach). I don't eat fried foods, and I exercise. I saw a gasterologist and he tested me for h-ployria, pancrititus, liver enzymes, mrsp xray to see if I had stones left from the surgery. All the other test were negative. I am now having a endoscopy and if this comes back negative the doctor will think i am coo coo. I get anxiety over this which makes my condition worse. The nausea is nasty to deal with. I have been through nexium and zantac and they didn't work. So my questions are:

Do you have to try alot of different acid reflux medicines to find the right one that works for you?

Can Acid Reflux cause nausea for a day or two?

What are the symptoms?:dizzy:
Nausea is one of the symptoms of GERD. The medicines used to control it can also cause nausea. I tried so many medicines before finding one that worked, I can't remember how many. You have to find the one that works best for you. I was told by a general surgeon that surgery is the only real "cure" for GERD, but he was a surgeon, so he would say that. It could be true though, but he also said of course that everyone who has the surgery does not benefit from it. He also said that newer procedures were being developed, so I decided to wait to see if they came up with something better. The medicines don't cure the mechanical cause of GERD, but they help control the symptoms.

The medicines include:
histamine H2-receptor antagonists
proton-pump inhibitors
prokinetic agents
herbal remedies

Also the side effects of surgery sound very troublesome and embarrassing to me:

can't burp
difficult to burp
fart a lot
difficulty swallowing
inability to belch or vomit

He said it is very important to have a scope of the stomach in order to get an accurate diagnosis. It might not be GERD, and could be something more serious.
I think you do have to use trial and error with different strategies. I'm trying apple cider vinegar at the moment. It's worked for 2 nights in a row. Manuka honey has really worked well, but there is variation in brands-one in particular is good for me.

Acid reflux does cause nausea. I never seem to actually vomit though.

For me, it's mainly heartburn and feeling like there's something stuck in my throat. Which gets more and more painful. It happens at night because the stomach produces more acid at night.

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