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I am at my wit's end. I for some reason cannot accept this as being LPR. I don't know why. I think it's because nothing helps me and I just want it to be something simple like allergies or something in a neat little package that will just go away when it gets cold out or when I take a pill. PPIs do not help, allergy meds have not helped. I have had a clear sinus CT scan. I had deviated septum surgery 4 years ago and sinuses are perfect. I had an MRI the last week of June of my entire head and neck and there were no masses or anything found. I do have anxiety problems and always have had them. I wake up with my throat a little sore but not unbearable, by the time lunch rolls around it's raw and burns. It feels like a chemical burn. I also have the constant need to clear my throat and I can see post nasal drip in the back of my throat when I look at it with a flashlight. It used to be the pain was more up in my nasal passages and now if feels like it's in my throat. I do not have strep. What am I supposed to do to get rid of this? Or at least make it bearable to exist? It feels like I have strep about 90% of the time and my ENT says allergies or LPR. More likely LPR. Does anyone know of any natural cures that I can try or other meds besides PPIs? The PPIs don't work and they make me so sick to my stomach I can't stand to work. I am losing weight becaus I am afraid to eat and I cannot stand to lose anymore weight. I keep thinking cancer is lurking due to the persistent soreness but I have had it since March and my recent MRI was "boringly normal" according to my ENT. I do not know what else to try or do? I cannot live with a sore throat for the rest of my life. It wears you down after a while. I have maybe felt regurgatation in my throat 4 times since this has happened and other than burping a lot I don't feel my reflux other than those 4 times. I just cannot believe there is what seems to be no help for this condition. Please any suggestions are welcome. I have been in tears all morning from the pain.

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