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As people age, they tend to produce less acid. The use of apple cider vinegar is too supplement the reduction of acid for those people to help digest food. If your problem is not due to a reduction of acid, this remedy would make things worse.

More specifically, many naturopathic physicians believe that the supplement betaine hydrochloride can aid GERD by increasing stomach acid. This sounds paradoxical, since conventional treatment involves reducing stomach acid. However, according to one theory, lack of stomach acid leads to incomplete digestion of proteins; these proteins cause allergic reactions and other responses that lead to an increase in reflux. When taken as a supplement, betaine hydrochloride provides extra hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Naturopathy has long held that low stomach acid is a widespread problem that interferes with digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Betaine hydrochloride is one of the most common recommendations for this proposed condition, along with the choice of apple cider vinegar. But, scientific evidence is lacking to prove or disprove this.

Digestive enzymes are another thing we try to break down the proteins. All we can do is try and see what works for ourselves; what works for me may not work for you. Good luck!
Thanks to the reminder from here!

I just tried ACV yesterday and it worked for me. I took it after I ate and was having GERD symptoms, buring all the way up to my throat, nausea... Drank it and it stopped buring and nausea, in a while the rawness in my throat went away.

I stopped Prilosec, (omeprazole) when it started to cause gas and bloating, which are issues for me anyway. I didn't even know it was an antacid or I wouldn't have taken it.

First took Pril a few years ago when I was on a prescription pain pill, that caused the burning and reflux. Finally I stopped that pain medication.
lately I have been taking extra nsaids and symptoms started, etc

Years ago I read about ACV and tried it for weight loss or something. Now with age and too many meds, my stomach is getting sensitive I guess.

I plan to try Betaine HCL for this problem, but until I order some the ACV seems to help. Also the Papaya enzyme tablets

Since the ACV works for you, is it okay to ask how old you are?[/QUOTE]

I'm 63

Never had any digestive problems until my late forties

Yesterday I did buy some Betaine HCL, 1000mg in 2 tablets

took 2 last night before dinner

seemed to work well and didn't use the ACV or the papaya enzymes

I will continue this. One problem I was having was difficulty swallowing, to the point I was choking on food that went down "wrong way" several times in each meal. That's why my allergist prescribed the Omeprazole

seems like overkill

This concerns me because my mother and a friend both take Omeprazole and it seems they still have stomach pain and trouble

from my experience it seems it causes gas and bloating

So then what? I wasn't even told about that

if simple remedy or supplement can help, why can't the word get out

not digesting your food can cause health problems.. so just treating a symptom, and not treating it very well

is a stupid idea

Is Nexium any different? I heard it was just changed a little so they could get a new patent
[QUOTE=Beeb;4041194]As people age, they tend to produce less acid. The use of apple cider vinegar is too supplement the reduction of acid for those people to help digest food. If your problem is not due to a reduction of acid, this remedy would make things worse.[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure if my issues are because of too much acid, or too little, but at the age of 24 years old, it sees like ACV may not be for me.

Is the HCL taken for the same reason the ACV is taken? If not, I may look into it. What online or real world store has a good deal on the HCL?
Hello, Im new to this board, but I thought Id write about my experience with vinegar for treating reflux. I was diagnosed with relatively minor reflux in 1997(age 18), and just let it go for a few yrs. In 2000, I heard about vinegar as a treatment and decided to try it....

Because I eat salad for at least one meal per day, I use alot of vinegar and olive oil as dressing (I probably DRINK 2 oz of vinegar with each salad). Perhaps it was dumb luck or just placebo, but I have not had issues with reflux discomfort since 2000. Furthermore, just about a month ago, I was out of town and did not have my salad and vinegar meals for about a week, and began to notice GERD discomfort return.

I notice that my stomach is almost entirely insensitive to food anymore. I can eat spicey, acidic foods and have absolutely no trouble (definitely not the case 10 yrs ago). In fact, I tend to try to eat acidic foods when available since it seems to help my stomach function properly.
Ok, now for the almond question. I found the following compounds in almonds, which may contribute to "easing of the stomach."

Almonds contain a lot of oils, namely the fatty acids oleic acid, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid. I would suspect these for health benefits and NOT anti-acid properties.

What I would suspect to be anti-acidic would be these. They also contain many phenolics and flavanoids, which can be a myriad of weak carboxylic acids. An example would be hydrobenzoic acid and other flavanones.

Furthermore, almonds contain many quercitins and glucopyranosides, as well as catechin, protocatechiuc acid, vanillic acid. Who really knows what these compounds can do for you, but they seem to all be positive compounds.

Although there isn't much research on the topic, I'm not sure some of these compounds and combinations of might help reduce/buffer stomach acid, perhaps.

With that all aside, it appears that eating almonds as naturally as possible, skin and all, would be a very good thing.

It would be something to look further into.
I'm wondering if the burning in your throat is caused by the GERD, which
backs up undigested food and acid from the stomach.

I think for me that taking both ACV and the Hydrocholic acid capsules before a meal that has a lot of protein, fat, spices, etc, helps digest the food and that there is not Backup into the throat.

The ACV goes down easy and doesn't really stay in the throat area. Are you saying it burns while swallowing? It can be very diluted if necessary, or mixed with juice ...

I was on omeprazole for awhile and it did help GERD symptoms, but then caused gas and bloating...

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