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Thanks to the reminder from here!

I just tried ACV yesterday and it worked for me. I took it after I ate and was having GERD symptoms, buring all the way up to my throat, nausea... Drank it and it stopped buring and nausea, in a while the rawness in my throat went away.

I stopped Prilosec, (omeprazole) when it started to cause gas and bloating, which are issues for me anyway. I didn't even know it was an antacid or I wouldn't have taken it.

First took Pril a few years ago when I was on a prescription pain pill, that caused the burning and reflux. Finally I stopped that pain medication.
lately I have been taking extra nsaids and symptoms started, etc

Years ago I read about ACV and tried it for weight loss or something. Now with age and too many meds, my stomach is getting sensitive I guess.

I plan to try Betaine HCL for this problem, but until I order some the ACV seems to help. Also the Papaya enzyme tablets

Since the ACV works for you, is it okay to ask how old you are?[/QUOTE]

I'm 63

Never had any digestive problems until my late forties

Yesterday I did buy some Betaine HCL, 1000mg in 2 tablets

took 2 last night before dinner

seemed to work well and didn't use the ACV or the papaya enzymes

I will continue this. One problem I was having was difficulty swallowing, to the point I was choking on food that went down "wrong way" several times in each meal. That's why my allergist prescribed the Omeprazole

seems like overkill

This concerns me because my mother and a friend both take Omeprazole and it seems they still have stomach pain and trouble

from my experience it seems it causes gas and bloating

So then what? I wasn't even told about that

if simple remedy or supplement can help, why can't the word get out

not digesting your food can cause health problems.. so just treating a symptom, and not treating it very well

is a stupid idea

Is Nexium any different? I heard it was just changed a little so they could get a new patent
I'm wondering if the burning in your throat is caused by the GERD, which
backs up undigested food and acid from the stomach.

I think for me that taking both ACV and the Hydrocholic acid capsules before a meal that has a lot of protein, fat, spices, etc, helps digest the food and that there is not Backup into the throat.

The ACV goes down easy and doesn't really stay in the throat area. Are you saying it burns while swallowing? It can be very diluted if necessary, or mixed with juice ...

I was on omeprazole for awhile and it did help GERD symptoms, but then caused gas and bloating...

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