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Hi all! Just wanted to ask if any of you have noticed that taking vitamins give you acid reflux. My friend told me she has trouble with vitamins and calcium and can't take those because the reflux gets bad. I hadn't even thought about that. I has to take a test this past week where I had to catch some specimans so the doctor could see what is going on with my digestive track. I had to stop taking my vitamins and antacids for a few days while running this test. Oddly enough I felt better and the reflux pretty much was gone. Is that weird or what? I was wondering if anyone has had a similiar experience.??:confused:
I know that I always have to burp when I take Omega 3 vitamins.
I am taking vitamins daily and don't have problem with acid reflux.
I had to lay off vitamins because my doctor said it upsets your stomach. So how am supposed to get vitamins???
Hi gals! I know that the day I take vitamins it flares up the reflux and the days I don't I feel better. I just don't know how to safely get the vitamins into me. Anyone who knows please let us know.
I just remember, ten years ago I did get acid reflux from taking 500 mg Vit C daily. After that I never take Vit C anymore. I just get it from fruits.
Right now I have decided to just skip days with them. I just don't take them all everyday. Seems to be working as far as the acid reflux taming down. Interesting huh?
i have the acid reflux, i do understand what you are saying with the vitamins.

i take nexium before food, then the vitamin and then tablespoon of Carafate prescribed by doctor. I have even had to wait till later in the day to take vitamin .

You may need to try different times, maybe evening for your vitamins.
Hope you find what works for you.

Be Well
I take calcium citrate w/D and lots of Rolaids (which have calcium). I hadn't been taking hardly any Rolaids since I've been on Prilosec, but now am since Prilosec doesn't seem to be working. Could all the extra calcium be the culprit?
[QUOTE=Lynn8;4044943]I just remember, ten years ago I did get acid reflux from taking 500 mg Vit C daily. After that I never take Vit C anymore. I just get it from fruits.[/QUOTE]

Really? How quickly did the reflux clear up after stopping taking the Vit C? I have been swallowing on average 1000mg a day but stopped mid way last week. Up until this morning had the acid pretty much all day. Then this afternoon its vamoosed....go figure!
The reason you felt better was because you stoped taking your antacids and allowed your acids to do their job. Get off the antacids
and take digestive bitters. Also do not stop taking your vitamins.
I have been taking digestive enzymes and spreading my vitamins up throughout the day with food. Things have been better. You just have to find what works for you. Good luck!
I always took vitamins in the evening after dinner and never had a problem with reflux. Imena now and again if I ate something I would get reflux but took an antacid and was ok. I do now take diabetic meds and the reflux became impossible. Now I take pills for it everyday cause I have to take the diabetic meds.
I believe vitamins causes my LPR to flair up too..
In some people acid reflux occurs by taking vitamins. You can talk to your doctor about this problem and get appropriate solution to this problem.:)

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