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Hi - new to this board so here it goes. 39 Year old male. I was recently put on Nexium 40mg twice a day for acid reflux. It's been three weeks and not sure it's helping.

Here's how it started. I was having chest pains and a little dizziness for about a month or two and the first doctor visit they though that I had some BPPV (vertigo) so we did some steroids and positional exercises. (always had sinus issues for years - assumed alergies) That seemed to clear it up, but the chest pain did not go away. I started to loose my appetite and was loosing weight rapidly. I was also having a dry cough and sinus pressure. I tried some Prilosec OTC for a week and it did not go away. Didn't really have classic heartburn, but lots of gas.

So I went back a few weeks later and complained about indigestion and chest pain. They did an EKG, X-ray, CBC (blood test) and asthma test. All came back normal and ruled out that it was my heart and said it may be acid reflux. So they put me on Nexium. (Wow- that stuff is expensive!) I've been on it for three weeks now and I don't like the side effects. My chest pain got worse and I started to feel it in my back. It also gives me bad drymouth. I've cut out fatty foods, coffee, sweets, but still have a light beer now and then. This past week, some days I only take 1 morning dose if pain is too bad. I seem to have better luck with Mylanta at controlling my stomach issues. What were your simptoms on Nexium?

I called them back and they said the chest pain could be costochondritis (swelling of chest cartillage), so we they told me to try advil 600mg three times a day. I did ease the sharp pains, but I still have dull pain in my chest after a week. Not enough to go to the ER, but enough to drive you nuts and cause a lot of discomfort. I am ruling out anxiety here, as I know all too well what a panic attack is like from years past. No racing heart, just this is a dull contstant pain now on my sternum

I don't want to keep going back to doc and complaining, but I'm not getting the releif from the chest pain. I am assuming that it's still acid reflux and debating on whether or not to contiue the Nexium and work the over the counter meds like mylanta, and pepto. I don't like the Nexium, but if helps I may stay on it. I've read way too many people having bad side effects from it.

Anyone else feel this way?
Thanks for the heads up on your situation. Yes, I did go to the doctor this summer and had an EKG done for the heart. I also had normal results for CBC (blood test), and they took chest x-rays to rule out any blockages or clots. The best the doctors have told me is acid reflux and and muscle/joint inflamation. My chest pain comes and goes, and it's more like external than internal if that makes sense. I have been going to a physical therapist to work on neck and back pain this year. He tells me that repetitive stress from comptuer work station and poor posture is the cause for chest pain that runs along my ribs. I had a second opinion on that again today from a substitute therapist. So back to exercises and stretches for the chest/neck/back pain.

As far as dizziness goes, I've done the ENT route and all checks out normal. The physical therapist thinks that inflamation and tight neck muscles can trigger dizziness. We did Halpike and Eply manuvers this moring and I feel better. This moves the salt/calcium rocks around the ear canals to where they should be.

For candida, I know that the only way to really tell is to get a medical test. However I did the "spit" test in a glass of water this morning and did not have any tell tale signs of what could be a fungal issue. (the symptoms you find on the net are pretty wide ranging) Regardless I am back to Danactive yogurt shots and acidophilus caplets to keep the risk down. This also helps with IBS, normal stools, and acid reflux. No white spots on tongue or throat, but good to keep your good bacteria up. I do have a tongue scraper and it does work well. Not bad to gargle with 1/2 water 1/2 peroxide once in a while for prevention.

So for my situation, I think it's a combination of poor posture and tense muscles which can be worked out with PT and exercise. And I attribute some of it to sinus and allergy symptoms as I get more and more inflamation as I get older. This fall has been extra bad for sinus where I live.

Sucks getting old - I hate it.

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