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Lost w/ Acid Reflux
Oct 17, 2009
I’m a 24 year old male. I have a history of asthma/allergies and eczema, and am currently suffering from acid reflux.

Last February I came down with a common cold. The cold eventually went away after a week, but I had a sore throat leftover from it for about 3 months. At that time my sore throat went away and was replaced with chronic cough, trouble swallowing, and chronic shortness of breath. A month later my chronic cough disappeared and I started off taking Prilosec after having chronic shortness of breath and reflux symptoms.

Prilosec didn't work so I switched to Protonix, which seemed to clear up my symptoms after a week for a day or 2, but then I started to have chronic wet burping/reflux again; however it did help my shortness of breath. Had Upper Endoscopy and Barium Test, and found I have GERD, small sliding hiatus hernia, and Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Eosinophilic Esophagitis is basically when your esophagus gets inflamed by allergies, and tightens up with rings so you can’t swallow. At this time I felt it wise to see an allergist to compliment my GI. So I got an allergy test and found out I have Celiac Disease (wheat allergy.) I stopped eating wheat and my swallowing went back to normal, but all my other symptoms continued.

At this point I was on many drugs prescribed by my doctors: Protonix, Sucralfate, Zantac, Singulair, Flovent, and Simethicone (Gas-X). It’s like $500 Rx bill a month. My bed is propped up, have stayed away from the trigger foods for acid reflux...

I’ve felt worse and worse with my wet burping/reflux. I can’t drink any liquid without burping it up. I randomly burp my stomach contents all the time. I’ve tried other PPIs like Nexium and Aciphex, but Protonix still seems the most effective (though it barely does much.)

I’ve been extremely frustrated taking all these pills all the time so I just decided 6 days ago to cut everything cold turkey after about 3+ months of PPIs. This was probably a mistake since my wet burping/reflux has been horrendous lately; however, it seems to be the only symptom I have now (no more chronic shortness of breath at the moment.)

So right now I’m taking Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, Betaine HCL w/ Pepsin enzymes, and Acidophilus. I’ve not been doing this much more than a few days, so can’t tell if they are effective or not (I also have to compensate the withdrawal symptoms from Protonix.) I’ll probably try this for a 3-5 more days, and if no change run back to Protonix, though I’m not a fan of it at all.

After all that, any idea where I should go from here? Is it wise to go against Western medicine and try the ACV and the digestive enzymes? Should I continue taking these or give Protonix longer to work? I’m feeling like I’m running out of options and money.


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