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If you have continuing acid reflux symptoms despite prescription medication and negative results from every test, PLEASE read this:

My symptoms began as burning in my chest and throat and eventually became severe. I tasted acid in my mouth and I had constant epigastric pain (below the sternum). I could barely eat anything because I would get full so easily, sometimes with just a half a glass of water. I lost 40 pounds in 2-3 months because of this. I slept in a recliner chair for 6 months because the burning would be so intense when a layed down in bed. I stopped going to class,at my college, I stopped hanging out with friends and I was scared to death that it would never end.

I had been to countless physicians and gastroenterologists and had tried high dose nexium, protonix, zantac, prevacid, zegerid, carafate, and even bentyl (an anticholinergic which reduces muscle spasms; one doctor thought i was having esophageal spasms which ended up not being true). Sometimes my symptoms would go away, but they would always come back in a week or so. I had all routine blood tests, H.pylori, barrium swallow, endoscopy, gall bladder ultrasound, and gastric emptying study. ALL tests came back negative.

One day in desparation, I saw a nurse practitioner and begged her for help. She told me she thought it was stress and anxiety causing my symptoms. I was shocked. I never thought of myself having stress issues and I was generally a happy, healthy person before all of this started. I had a very difficult time believing I was doing this to myself through anxiety because I didn't feel like I had a problem. Because I tried everything else, I took her advice and tried accepting it could be stress. She showed me a relaxation technique similar to meditation. The next day, my symptoms were basically gone!!! I couldn't believe it. There is no other explanation for it.

I assumed I had to be treated with drugs. But I didn't need them and they were doing nothing anyway. Now when I get symptoms, I use these relaxation techniques and tell myself that I'm causing the burning. Sometimes I just go for a jog and I feel better.

My point is if you have acid reflux and nothing helps and doctors have given up on you, consider it may be stress or anxiety. Really try to convince yourself that it's possible, because it is possible. Learn relaxation techniques like meditation (and please reply to me if you need specific techniques which have helped me; and I'm not talking about that weird chanting meditation stuff), exercise through the pain and burning, eat healthy, and admit you may have a problem with stress/anxiety. Get counseling if you need it. I'm telling you proton pump inhibitors such as nexium, prevacid, aciphex, and protonix work. They effectively inhibit acid production in the stomach. If multiple trials of various medications aren't helping your acid reflux and no doctor can find anything wrong with you, it's probably STRESS.

Please let me know if I can help with any of this advice.

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