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I was taking prilosec for a while a few months, but the side effects were awful! I would get chest pains, back pains, couldn't burp, lump in the throat, lot's of heart palpitations (i heard there was another gerd med they took off the market because of this) it also cause awful anxiety problems i've never had before.

Now i have switched to acidphex and it's not quite as strong but i get none of the side effects. he also wants me to try imipramine for my stomach i don't know much about it has anyone used it?

My problem is gerd stuff doesn't want to stay down, after big meals i want to burp food up a lot. I don't get the burning pain very often. But i just get food wanting to come back up a lot, and i get night time reflux wake up in the morning with nasty taste on my mouth once in a while if i eat before i go to bed i will get a sore on my corner of my mouth.

I'm 29 now and all this started around 19 years old. I was bulimic for about a year and half ever since then even after i stopped it seems like my spincter has never been as strong. When i was 23 years old i got an ammonia from night time refulx after eating a lot of food right before i went to bed. when i was 25 i got a endoscopy and it was 100% normal but the gerd has never gone away. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with me.

And Has anyone else tried the imipramine at all. Thank you for any help god bless.

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