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[QUOTE=bimik;4719640]LL37, thnx for the information. I have been using DGLs for 2 days now, I don't see nay major difference but I guess I will need some time. I had bad indigestion for 8 days, I don't usually have much problems with stomach but mostly with throat. I bought HCL supplement, took one with my chicken soup. After awhile I had some acid taste in my mouth, which went away. I don't know if its sign of too much acid or not. But one thing for sure I felt my stomach wasn't much bloated. Can a naturopath tell if I have an ulcer ? I hope I don't. I read that one should be feeling pain when having ulcers. I am not going to take much HCL supplements yet, just going to see if it helps me to digest meat for instance. One thing for sure I noticed that apples help my digestion. I had two apples today and felt great after eating them. Aloe vera juice is tricky, sometimes it helped me but the other day I tried I had mucus feeling in my throat. So I stopped taking it. Now I am taking digestive enzymes, probiotics, drinking kefir, eating apple and willbetrying HCL supplements. I also try not to drink much while eating because it does cause indigestion.[/QUOTE]

Ok, apples have malic acid in them if you are eating them green and will increase acid in your stomach and make it more possible for you spincter to close. Achlohyrdia is also treated as I understand with high doses of vitamin c per meal as ascorbic acid, I'm not always diligent about this. The acid taste in your mouth after soup, shows you didn't go far enough in taking the HCL pills with the meal. I was originally told to only take one per meal, then two with the second meal, three with third, slowely graduating, but that was under the understanding I think that a person didn't have the reflux happening, just for the protein digestion support. I literally was tortured by the extra acid taste cause it was well replacement stomach acid until I just went ahead and tripled the pills very fast with only like 2 days of meals to get to the level the showed me how many pills to take with each meal to get the spincter to slam shut. I took 2 with the first meal, 4 with second, 6 or 7 with third, and at 8! which is LARGE amount, per a naturopath worked for me! But he said keep taking it if it's what works for me. He's seen it before. Apparently it shows clearly I personally have no acid production what so ever. There are a bunch of studies/theories about helibactor Plylori bacteria infections in stomach being likely related to the stomach acid producting cells actually dying on you. I'm still reading up on it for nutrition support and to see if I can get my vitamins/minerals/protein absorptions and health up enough to get those cells to come back into working-but they haven't yet, after two years.

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