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I wasn't sure where to put this. I figured this would be the best place.

day before yesterday, out of the blue, my throat started to feel strange. we had just finished eating pizza. my boyfriend has a small esophagus (can't remember what that's called), so he's constantly having to sit there and chug water to push the food down, and as he was doing this I suddenly felt like I had something stuck in my throat. I simply thought "oh what a strange coincidence", waited for him to finish with the water, then took it and drank some. the feeling didn't go away. at that point there was no pain, just that awkward feeling of having something stuck in your throat. I finally gave up and went on with my day. the strange feeling grew to an even more strange feeling throughout the day. neither of them I can really explain. that night I was drinking more water before bed and I THOUGHT I felt whatever was stuck go down. the feeling was gone, and I could sleep because it no longer felt like there was pressure in my throat.

but I woke up yesterday and had pizza for breakfast (I can't see how this would be the cause, though because I threw up later that night and the pain is still there)...and the feeling came back. only worse. this time it hurt. not all the time, most of the day it was that awkward, sort of pressure feeling. but if I burped it would feel horrible. sometimes randomly it would hurt. it's so hard to explain in writing.

it feels like it's gotten worse now, and I'm sitting here unable to go to bed (it's 5 in the morning and I still haven't slept) because it bothers me so much. I just swallowed air to make myself burp so I could explain it better...when I push the air down my throat it FEELS like it goes over a lump. but that could be in my paranoid head. I don't know anymore...

it's in the front, middle of my throat. just one spot, not the whole throat.

any ideas? I want to go to the doctor but my insurance won't kick in for another week...

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