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I posted this over in the IBS board too, but I reckon I should have put it here......

Hi all.
My name is Sara and I am 33.
I have been suffering from anxiety for about 6 years and take effexor xr for this.
About 6 months ago I had what I thought was tummy bug and was throwing up, but only in the mornings (def not pregnant lol). Some mornings I would wake up and feel sick, and the only way to ease this was to make myself be sick.
I lost a lot of weight (which was a bonus) because I wasn't eating. I think it went from being a tummy bug to anxiety, because the symptoms can sometimes be so similar.
I went to the doctors and he said I probably had gastritis, and he gave me nexium and some anti nausea tablets. They helped. Another time I had my mum take me to the ER and they found nothing wrong.
I slowly but surely started getting better, and being able to eat again.
I have always had erratic bowel motions. Sometimes loose, sometimes constipated, sometimes nothing for a few days. Quite often I get pains in my tummy and have to rush to the loo (what my husband and I jokingly call an EP....emergency poo lol)
Earlier this week I had my usual EP feeling and went to the loo and it was extremely runny. I went off to work and started getting heart palpiations which scared me. My mum said it is possible that it was actually my tummy going nuts and it felt like palpitations. I ate a lot of Quickeze that day.
The next day I woke up feeling nauseous and I couldn't eat, again. I had yukky poos again. I ate a lot of Quickeze that day too and didn't have any palpitations until now, but they aren't as bad as the first lot.
I take vitamin B stress formula, as well as effexor and the pill. I am due for a period next week.
I guess what I am asking is does feeling ill and nervous a tummy/bowel issue?
Any advice would be appreciated....
PS Sorry for TMI

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