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[QUOTE=abbydabbydew;4185431]I wish your doctor had tried 40 mg/day on the Prilosec and given you a few more weeks; you might've seen improvement. Prilosec (which is available in a generic) is way cheaper than Nexium. Doctors are SO quick to prescribe Nexium. In any case, you're on it now and I'd give it more time. Have you also made some diet and lifestyle changes?[/QUOTE]

I've been trying to follow a GERD diet but have had a few slip ups. The weird part is sometimes when I've eaten foods that are supposed to cause reflux I've felt fine. Other things that shouldn't bother my stomach do. One day I had double noodle soup and crackers and it made my stomach hurt and my chest ache. I've had similar experiences eating a meal of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Also apples seem to bother me. I've definitely been making sure to not over eat. Foods I've been avoiding are chocolate, citrus fruits, tomatoes, onions, caffeine. My doctor had said come back in a week (which would be 4 more days now), if I wasn't feeling better, and he'd schedule an upper endoscopy. That is not something that I want to do unless absolutely necessary so I'm going to try to be patient and give the medicine time to work. Thanks for your response!

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