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[QUOTE=MountainReader;4137185]Acid reflux can irritate the lungs resulting in bronchospasms and triggering asthma. Rarely, the acid can also be aspirated into the lungs, also causing problems.

I had severe acid reflux that was causing the same problems for me. At one point, I even needed emergency treatment because it triggered a severe asthma attack and I almost stopped breathing all together. Most of the time though, I had shortness of breath and a horrible chronic cough that was so bad I couldn't catch my breath.

Twice per day PPI's is the best approach for the reflux. It doesn't work for everyone. For me Nexium made things much worse instead of better. I had better relief with the Prevacid Solutabs (prescription strength). Even that stopped working after a while. I'm on time-release Kapidex now. I also was treated with Advair 500/50, Singulair, Tessalon Perle and my rescue inhaler. Nothing really helped though.

In order to get the breathing under control, you need to have the acid reflux under control in these conditions. My Pulmonologist made that very clear to me.

It was actually my Pulmonologist who diagnosed the severity of my reflux. He confirmed it through a Modified Barium Swallow and Esophagram. The test actually showed the acid coming up and irritating my lungs. pH testing and Manometry will also confirm the reflux severity. My lung function tests really didn't reflect how bad the effect was on my breathing.

Have you made any lifestyle and diet changes yet? If not, you need to do that as well to help get things under control.

If you try medication and lifestyle changes and nothing works, surgery is an option. That is that way I went when my breathing was severely effected and the medication and lifestyle changes didn't work. So far, the results have been great for me. That was an extreme solution though. Most people get relief from the medication and lifestyle changes.

You are not alone in this. Good luck finding a solution.


Hey MountainReader. I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind. I believe, that I am suffering from LPR reflux for the last 5 years have not gotten it officially diagnosed. I'm only 22 years old. I had an endoscopy and it came back normal. The ENT I went to didn't really do any testing and just simply concluded I had acid reflux and put me on Prilosec. Okay so my main symptoms over the past 5 years have been, regurgitation of food while eating which sucks when eating in public, vomiting, constant mucus, stuffy nose especially in the mornings and after meals. These symptoms usually show up after some meals and/or dealing with stress/anxiety. I feel like slowly evertyhing started to get a little worse. For the past 12 months, in addition to all those regular symptoms I could not workout properly and when playing sports I get out of breath within 1 or 2 minutes of basically jogging. I've been on advair, rescue inhalers but they don't really help. It feels like I'm out of breath and dehydrated almost even though I drink over 80oz liquid a day, so I don't think its dehydration. Past 3 months is when the chronic coughing stared, I coughed like crazy for 6 weeks, then after a while it was reduced now it only happens mainly after meals. Anyway, for the past month I've been on apple cider vinegar after some internet research. It makes me feel better than Prilosec did, and the main symptoms of regurgitation, throwing up, stuff nose have all been reduced but still flare up time to time. I do take ACV 3 or 4 times a day which might be bad long-term after and before meals depending on how I feel. While the symptoms mentioned above have been reduced, the trouble breathing when playing sports has not. I feel like I shouldn't be feeling so winded after 1 or 2 minutes into playing. Wow, this is a lot longer than I anticipated and don't blame you if you skip over most of it. Also, I have made some lifestyle changes, I don't drink caffeinated drinks, eat fried foods occasionally, don't really eat spicy, reduce dairy(make me feel bad almost everytime), sleep on 2 pillows, not eat 3 hrs before bedtime.

But I wanted to know what you recommend I do, see a pulmonologist ? How did a pulmonologist help you? And any other advice just on dealing with the symptoms in general would be helpful. I just can't deal with these symptoms for the rest of my life especially since it started for me at such a young age.

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